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Popular first names have advantages and disadvantages: They are often liked by the general public and are therefore widely accepted in society. But not everyone wants to go with the crowd, because on the other hand, popular names are unfortunately not very individual due to their popularity. Wondering how likely it is that a neighborhood boy or girl of the same age will have the same name as your baby? And you are interested in what size and weight babies with your desired name are on average when they are born?

Then simply enter your baby name and the zip code of your place of residence in our first name check and find out everything about them distribution of the first name, like large Babies with this name average at birth and how much they are to weigh.

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Popular first names 2018

Popular first names boys and girls

What are the most popular names in 2018? What are the longest baby names and what names are the largest and heaviest babies on average at birth? Our evaluation of the most popular first names gives exciting insights and provides inspiration for parents during pregnancy.

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The tallest boys at birth have their first names

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The tallest girls at birth have their first names

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The heaviest boys at birth have their first names

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The heaviest girls at birth have their first names

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Baby atlas

The most common first names, birth weight and height by state

In the Baby Atlas you can find out what differences there are in the Choice of names depending on the state gives. Which are popular boy names in the north, which girl names appear most often in Birth cards and Thank you cards for the birth in the south of Germany? How much do boys weigh on average at birth in Berlin and how much do girls weigh in Hamburg? How big are children when they are born in North Rhine-Westphalia? Drive over the interactive map and get all the information about names and co. In your region at a glance.

Paul and Emma are popular everywhere, but not always the most popular first names

Paul, Felix and Jonas or Emma, ​​Emilia and Anna take the place in the Germany-wide ranking Top 3 most common first namesHowever, if you take a look at the statistics of the individual federal states, differences quickly become apparent. The Brandenburgers choose Ben, Emil and Liam to join the most popular Boy names and in Thuringia Anton, Karl and Hannes are most in demand. Bavaria, Bremen and Lower Saxony are also deviating from the trend: Here, Paul does not take first place in the hit list of popular first names in 2018, but Maximilian, Noah and Theo.

Emma is the undefeated most popular girl name 2018. In eleven of the 16 federal states, parents are most likely to choose this name. Berlin is out of line when it comes to top girl names: Parents in the capital prefer to call their daughters Charlotte, Ella and Greta. The most common names of children in Bremen are Clara, Greta or Carla. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, too, number 1 of the popular first names for girls differs from the nationwide favorite Emma: Parents here most often call their girls Frieda.

federal state1st placeplace 2place 3
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The largest and heaviest babies are born in Schleswig-Holstein

According to the analysis, the average size of babies at birth is 51.3 cm and a weight of 3,421 g. Girls are on average 50.91 cm tall and weigh 3,352 g, boys 51.68 cm tall and weigh 3,490 g.

Surely it is difficult to draw conclusions about height and weight with the first name - it is still entertaining. The statistics show that the heaviest boy Rasmus (average 3,990 g), Peer (average 3860 g) and Bo (average 3839 g) are called. Both girl Romina (average 3672 g), Lore (average (3,603 g) and Aliyah (average 3,584 g) are the heaviest.

Extraordinary big are boys with the name Bo (on average 56.2 cm), Mailo or Tilo (each on average 55 cm) and Mick (on average 54.5 cm), according to the evaluations. With the girls there are babies with them Maiden names Marlen (average 55 cm), Mieke, Elly as well as Estelle (each average 54 cm) and Freya (average 53.7 cm) were particularly tall at birth.

Real bundles of joy see the light of day in Schleswig-Holstein: Babies are an average of 52.1 cm tall and weigh 3,521 g here and therefore in a nationwide comparison biggest and heaviest at birth. Babies in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are only a few grams lighter: here, children weigh an average of 3,517 g. Lower Saxony ranks third with one Birth weight of 3,487 g.

In contrast, babies born in Saxony-Anhalt are real lightweights with an average of 3,376 g. Babies in Saarland and Saxony also weigh significantly less than in the rest of Germany, at 3,383 g and 3,388 g. They also come from Saxony smallest babies: Newborns measure an average of 50.5 cm here. Babies in Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt are only slightly larger at 20 inches and 20 inches.
Are you still looking for the perfect first name for your child? Then let yourself be inspired by our name generator!

Birth time

Most babies are born at eight o'clock

German babies usually choose the early morning hours to see the light of day. Scarcely eight percent of children are born at eight in the morning. After that, the percentage drops significantly: around five percent of babies are born at nine, ten and eleven o'clock, and from midday onwards the rate drops to four percent. The lowest birth rate is reached at six in the morning with three percent.

In twelve out of 16 federal states, the most common time of birth is 8:00 a.m. Real "early birds" are only babies from Bremen: They are most often born at 3:00 in the morning. Late bloomers, on the other hand, are children in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. You take your time until 11:00 in the morning.

Birth time babies

federal stateMost common time of birth


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