Which Versace watches are good

Versace watches

Nowadays Versace is something of a symbol of outstanding and emblematic Italian luxury goods. Since opening its first boutique, Versace has revolutionized the world of fashion several times. In 1978 Gianni Versace founded his fashion company in Milan. Since his death, his siblings Donatella Versace and Santo Versace have run the company, which was mostly family-owned until 2018. High-quality leather goods, clothing, fragrances, accessories, jewelry and watches are sold under the world-famous Versace brand.

The various designs of Versace watches are far ahead of their time, the colors used here can be best described with one word: Magnificent! The materials and the technologies used are just as high quality as the design just mentioned. Every single Versace watch has its own style, identity, if you will, all of which are extraordinary and characterized by excellent craftsmanship. Versace watches may seem expensive, but when you consider the high quality, they are not at all.

There are few watch brands that are as sexy, colorful and brave as Versace. The head of Medusa surrounded by a Greek labyrinth is probably one of the most easily recognizable symbols from the luxury world. Many Versace watches are designed more like accessories than traditional watches. It will probably stay that way in the future, even though the latest products of 2019 tend to be more in the direction of modern technology than mere accessories. Nonetheless, the core elements of the brand are retained.

Versace offers a very balanced line of watches for both men and women, with both sporty and elegant nuances. The price range of the respective models ranges from approx. 1000 euros to 400 euros. Here are some of the latest models:

The Versace S009

This ladies watch impresses with its unbelievable beauty in design and some additional functions. It is quite large and comes in a 42 millimeter steel frame. A protective sapphire crystal in the middle of the watch is a bit noticeable. Inside the case, an electricity-powered clockwork ticks. The piece is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters.

Reve Ceramic Chrono Black

The Reve series from Versace is probably the most successful and most sought-after of all Versace watch series. It will be continued accordingly. This particular model is sold in up to eight different versions. The movement is a Swiss quartz movement of the highest quality.


The Krios is an extremely feminine model and goes back to the master Gianni Versace personally. More than any other, it represents the timeless elegance of Versace.

'V Circle' wristwatch

The V Circle impresses with its round dial with lines. As is so often the case, this is a Medusa application. The variable fit and the gold-colored logo are definitely impressive.

Thanks to the combination of Italian design and Swiss precision work, Versace watches are all true masterpieces. A Versace watch will usually withstand many generations and are real treasures. Versace is recognized as a brand around the world. These Italian products combine both classic elements with the character of an automatic watch and that without exception. Without exception, all watches are produced in Switzerland.