What is a color garnet

Halloween looks - street style - 2021

There are still 9 days to go Halloween to celebrate, and this year we don't want them to give us pumpkins. Or at least just the decoration, because nobody likes the others. That's why I propose to you today Halloween looks (although some might be at night) to that terrible day at best to spend: with taste, style and savoir-faire. You dare?

Nowadays there are country boots as well Military jackets have become new classics that should not be missing in our wardrobe. Comfort and above all good taste, Sara from Collage Vintage mixes both with a very up-and-coming trend this season: the Color garnet . What do you think?

If you want to be a little scared, do it with your shirt and have a print on top of it dangerous animal appears. Yes, the Rotweiller (thanks Givenchy ) are the most popular.

Wear in autumn like white? Not a problem, and although many believe that this tone is only suitable for summer (I was accepted into the group), the protagonist of Fashion Coolture shows us that this is not the case. To break a little with the purity of color, you can like it and sign up for it black details and accessories decide .

And as the last outfit, I'll show you one that you can use both in the afternoon and at night (without paying attention to the sunglasses, which don't even stick with carpenter's glue). Metallic Bling bling rock mixed with one sweatshirt that is so fashionable. Do you accept the challenge? Take risks and see how you will win.

Are you thinking about what to wear?