Can Trump be prevented from declaring war?

The protests against Donald Trump are getting sharper. At his election campaign events, clashes between his supporters and opponents have escalated several times in the past few days. The mood is heated. Now the Anonymous movement also wants to attack Trump harder.

The activists call for resistance against Trump. You have had enough of the presidential candidate who only fights "for his own greed and power". As is customary for Anonymous, they convey their threat with dramatic words. "This is not a warning," says the video broadcast on the movement's YouTube channels. "This is an announcement of total war."

The group calls on its fellow campaigners to paralyze Trump's websites. They have chosen April 1st as the deadline for their new #OpTrump.

"Reveals things he doesn't want in public"

The website of the Trump Tower in Chicago is named as the destination in the video. An additional document lists other websites, including those of Trump Tower in New York and other billionaire's real estate. The campaign website is also on the target list. They are all supposed to be paralyzed with DDoS attacks. In addition, the activists publish personal data from Trump such as his alleged cell phone and social security number.

Anonymous calls for unpleasant information about Trump to be tracked down. "Reveals things he doesn't want in public," says the masked person in the video. "We have to take apart his campaign and sabotage his brand."

Anonymous is constantly attacking new goals that the group believes endanger the freedom of people - from Scientology to authoritarian states. After the attacks in Paris in November, they threatened ISIS extremists to paralyze their Twitter profiles and websites. However, the action also hit innocent people. She contributed to the split-off of a group that now wants to work with the security authorities.

One mask, many voices

While Anonymous can potentially cause great damage to its goals through its technical knowledge and many supporters, it is unclear how successful the "declaration of war" will be. In principle, everyone can call for actions under the group's banner. Different parts of the movement may have different goals, all on behalf of Anonymous. In most cases, whoever is behind this remains hidden behind the Guy Fawkes mask that the activists wear in their videos. In the Trump case, too, Anonymous does not seem to speak with one voice.

On the one hand, there are clear indications that some Anonymous supporters cannot stand Trump. At the beginning of December, Anonymous colleagues called out an #OpTrump and paralyzed the website of the Trump Tower in New York. According to the video, another group within the Anonymous movement is behind the new call. In early March, Anonymous activists cracked Trump's answering machine and played messages allegedly from Trump's mailbox on the website Gawker to.

On the other hand, the actions against Trump are controversial within the Anonymous movement. Another video strongly condemns the "Operation Trump" attacks. The video was distributed on a YouTube channel with more than 600,000 subscribers. "This operation is at odds with everything Anonymous stands for," says one person in the clip. Anonymous has been advocating free speech on the Internet since the movement began. This is not compatible with DDoS attacks on politicians. The verdict from this part of the Anonymous movement is clear: "Threatening a presidential candidate to keep his mouth shut is censorship." And that is actually one of the great enemy images of Anonymous.