Why are the police wearing gloves?

Buying quartz sand gloves - you should know that!

More and more people want to buy quartz sand gloves. Quartz sand gloves are known to many people from the bouncer scene or from the police. These gloves are provided with protectors in the area of ​​the knuckles and on the back of the hand. That's why they are very often worn by the security people. However, if you want to buy such quartz gloves in order to be better protected in the event of an attack on yourself, you have to consider a few things.

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What exactly do quartz sand gloves look like?

Usually the protectors on the back of the hand and on the knuckle consist of fine quartz sand particles. However, some models also use lead dust. Often the quartz sand gloves are additionally provided with an insert made of cut-resistant Kevlar fabric or something similar. After all, the quartz sand gloves should protect the hands from cuts and blows through the reinforcement with the sand.

In addition, the gloves can of course also increase your own impact. This works in a similar way to a brass knuckle. If you want to buy quartz sand gloves, you should first think about the intended use when choosing.

When can quartz sand gloves be used?

The effect of quartz sand gloves in a fist fight can be resounding. Of course, everyone who wants to buy quartz sand gloves should be aware that the gloves should of course not be intended for an attack, but should only serve for self-defense and self-protection.

Since the gloves can cause disproportionate injuries to the other person, the use of these “weapons” has been severely restricted by law. Police officers, for example, are generally not allowed to use quartz sand gloves in self-defense. The question remains whether it is allowed to be used by civilians.

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Is It Legal To Buy Quartz Sand Gloves?

As with many devices for self-defense, which could also be used as weapons of attack, the legal situation must be viewed in a differentiated manner. The possession and wearing of quartz sand gloves is not strictly forbidden in Germany. The same applies to other EU countries with the exception of Great Britain. Buying quartz sand gloves and importing them to England would be a big mistake, because here the gloves are declared a weapon and are illegal under the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act 1990.

In Australia and Switzerland, the quartz sand gloves are subject to strict regulations, as they have also been classified as dangerous weapons here. In the US states of California and Massachusetts, the quartz sand gloves are banned, while in New York they are not specifically designated as illegal. Nevertheless, possession is also prohibited here if the intention is to attack another person. In the article: Legal self-defense weapons in comparison, there is more information on the subject.

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Buy quartz gloves and wear them in Germany

In Germany there is little to consider when it comes to wearing quartz sand gloves. However, there are some situations in which the gloves are better left in the closet at home. Anyone who goes to a public event could get into a legal conflict. Be it in the football stadium, at a concert or at a demonstration - wearing quartz gloves is forbidden here, as the gloves are suitable for opposing the “enforcement measures of a holder of sovereign powers”, i.e. the police or security service.

In fact, it is legal to buy, own, and wear quartz gloves. When using gloves, however, the legal situation is a little more difficult and depends on the situation.

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Buy quartz sand gloves - the wording of the law

In Germany, the quartz sand gloves do not fall under the German Weapons Protection Act. Accordingly, in terms of gun law, quartz sand gloves are not weapons, as the intended purpose is not to be seen in that of a thrusting or cutting weapon. The Federal Criminal Police Office confirmed the non-existent weapon properties on the basis of § 2 V WaffG.

The Federal Criminal Police Office determined that the quartz sand filling did not significantly reinforce it, so that there was no increased risk of injury to an attacker. Rather, the filling material serves to protect the wearer from injuries. This ensures that both buying the quartz sand glove and owning, wearing and using it are legal and harmless. However, the Federal Court of Justice sees quartz sand gloves as dangerous tools within the meaning of the Criminal Code. After all, the gloves are suitable for injuring other people.

Even if it is legal to wear quartz sand gloves, the court, by interpreting Section 17a (1) of the General Assembly Act, restricts the legality of wearing them. Carrying quartz sand gloves is criminally relevant at public events, demonstrations, football games, meetings or concerts. Put more simply, anyone who wants to buy and wear quartz gloves does not automatically drift into illegality as long as they do not use the gloves for a criminal offense or a targeted attack.

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Quartz sand gloves - where and how can you use them?

Quartz sand gloves are a trendy accessory, especially in the security industry and with bouncers, hooligans and the radical scene. Actually, however, the gloves were designed for everyday use in the field of self-defense and serve to protect yourself against hand and ankle injuries. If you want to buy quartz sand gloves for your own protection, you should make sure that you choose gloves made of an extremely resistant, solid material. The quartz sand gloves offer optimal protection against cuts if an attack occurs with a sharp or pointed object.

In addition, the attacker can safely grab, fend off and incapacitate. Due to the surface material, even slippery objects or wet people can be easily grasped and held. The flexible filling in the quartz sand gloves ensures that you can move your hands easily.

You shouldn't buy cheaper fillings, but really quartz sand. This ensures that hits can be executed effectively. Even if the quartz sand makes the gloves heavier, the force of a blow is only minimally increased. From a purely technical point of view, it is therefore possible to achieve a higher impact energy than when striking with a bare fist.

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Buy quartz gloves - as a psychological "weapon"

Even if the clout remains the same, the quartz sand gloves are clearly a psychological deterrent. In self-defense, the dressing ritual or a corresponding gesture with the gloved fist can lead to a potential attacker changing his or her plans. The opponent quickly realizes that it is better not to exceed a certain limit.

In terms of impact, it would be an exaggeration to claim that a quartz sand glove, similar to a brass knuckles, makes the punches stronger. However, from a legal point of view, bodily harm can quickly turn into serious bodily harm if one has used quartz sand gloves.

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Buy quartz sand gloves - but where?

To buy quartz sand gloves, one should turn to a specialized store. Whether gun shops, shops selling equipment for security services or specialized online shops on the Internet - there are many ways where you can buy quartz sand gloves. However, when buying quartz sand gloves, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Quality and workmanship
  • Safety of the protectors
  • Products made from high quality materials

If you pay attention to these aspects when using quartz sand gloves, you can be sure that the gloves will not fail at the decisive moment and the quartz sand will leak if you hit them. Unfortunately, there are always offers in online shops that leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality. The quartz sand glove is a completely legal matter in Germany.

That's why nobody has to be head shy who wants to stock up on a couple. Strange offers that pretend it takes secrecy to buy quartz sand gloves usually just want to drive up the price of an inferior product.
Below are a few hand-picked products that receive a good rating on average and meet the above criteria.

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Black Snake Security Quartz Sand Gloves Defender Real Leather Gloves - S - Black / Kevlar
  • The 'Defender' gloves by Black Snake are made of real leather and are available in different versions ...
  • The security gloves are optionally available with DuPont Kevlar finishing, with inner fleece, with touch function or as ...
  • The quartz sand integrated in the back of the hand and fingers offers optimal protection against knocks and vibrations
  • The high-quality workmanship of the protective gloves and the adjustable Velcro fastener ensure a pleasant ...
  • The beating gloves (optionally with cut protection) are ideal for security and operational areas

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