Why is an abacus important for children

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I know counting sticks from GDR times. But since they were made of wood and a little cheaper, I will not forget the moment when I used the counting chamber to show my granddaughter, about 5 years old, how old she, her parents and I, her grandmother are. She was incredibly surprised, has understood and is about to

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From dream catcher

Ordered for my half year old son. It's still too early to count, but it encourages fine motor skills. The little one likes to put colored chopsticks in a transparent glass and pull them

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From Irene

Perfect size, fits perfectly in the satchel, easy to use and shouldn't be missing, unfortunately the school first recommended it and after receiving it it wasn't allowed to be used (for whatever reason) After changing schools, however, it is used regularly and the arithmetic is a lot easier

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By jayjay

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