How do superheroes get old

What happens when superheroes get old?

While some of them dash across the cinema screens with sheet metal suits, a hammer, X-ray eyes or genetic mutations, the artist Andreas Englund captures a superhero in everyday life and aged on photo-realistic paintings. But see for yourself!

The artist Andreas Englund has created a photo-realistic series of images in which he deals with a completely different side of superheroes. Far from any Hollywood stuff like Marvel’s The Avengers and Man of Steel, he wonders what everyday problems a superhero might encounter. Does he not bring up the pickle jar or does he not get any sleep because his baby is crying all night? Maybe he's flying over pools on skyscraper roofs with his camera to get some delicate snapshots? Of course, the selfies with himself and the fighter jets above the clouds should not be missing.

The second superhero series “The Old Superhero” by Andreas Englund looks at the same superhero many decades later. Aged but still vital, he has to take a deep breath when he beats up a pack of bad guys. And the many heroic deeds still haven't hardened him for watching horror films. After all, we are as old as we feel. We have combined the different paintings in one gallery.

The Swedish artist Andreas Englund from Stockholm is known for his humorous, photo-realistic oil paintings. On his Homepage there are more pictures on other topics to marvel at and buy.

If you prefer to marvel at your superheroes on the big screen, you currently have the opportunity to see Chris Hemsworth as the god of thunder in Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom in our cinemas. Marvel's next trick will follow on March 27, 2014 with Captain America 2: The Return of the First Avenger, which is supposed to build a bridge to Marvel’s The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. DC is also busy working on a crossover, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will probably not reach us until July 16, 2015.