Can I collect unemployment when I quit?

end of employment

As an employer, you must Deadlines comply with the statutory provisions and contained in the employment contract. If required, you must have one Certificate of employment exhibit. We recommend our for this BEA service: With this you can get the certificate of employment digital submit to us.

You can find out how to use BEA on the page BEA - Accepting certificates electronically.

The machine form and information on the machine certificate of employment can be found on the Information sheets and forms for companies page.

Point out to the employee that he or she must take action to avoid unemployment: On the one hand, he or she should look for a new job. On the other hand, he or she has to be register as jobseeker - usually at the latest3 months before the end employment.

We provide you with a wording aid for employers for this reference.

Termination of severely disabled persons and persons of equal status

If you have to give notice to severely disabled persons or persons treated as such, you must do so beforehandIntegration office agree. This is to protect these employees from disadvantages that may arise due to their disability. The integration office can support you as an employer professionally so that the job can possibly be preserved. It always wants to reach an amicable agreement.

You can give notice of termination within the first 6 months of employment, without the integration office to turn on. This applies regardless of the probationary period agreed in the employment contract.

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