Why was Adelaide founded in South Australia

History of Adelaide: Significant Events to Date

The History of Adelaide is very interesting, as it not only provides information about past events, but also provides an understanding of current relationships with the capital of South Australia. For example, it becomes clear why the cityscape is so well maintained, why the residents attach great importance to their image and their education, why the accent is very British and Adelaide and its surroundings have been so strongly influenced by Germany.


Early history

To this day, many Adelaide citizens still take pride in the fact that their city did not emerge from a penal colony like most other Australian cities. At the December 28, 1836 South Australia was officially declared a province. The state's first governor, John Hindmarsch, finally named the capital of the new state after the wife of King William IV Religious freedom and assured that they would not be oppressed because of their beliefs as in their home country. Due to the fact that faith repression also took place in Prussia, they settled 1839 the first Old Lutherans in Adelaide, as they were persecuted by King Friedrich Wilhelm III. In the same year, the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce was a very important step in the further history of Adelaide, as the so-called Chamber of Commerce also promoted the cultivation of food outside the city center.


Recent history

In the 40s, significant drifted Silver, copper and lead finds the economy and thus also the growth and settlement of the city. Both the metal export and the expansion of the railway network as well as the adequate water and gas supply in the 1860s helped Adelaide to develop further. But also the long-lasting economic growth in the second half of the 19th century allowed the city to flourish more and more and grow into an economic metropolis of Australia. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first power plant was finally built, so that the power supply for the entire city could be secured. During the middle of the 19th century, many German craftsmen and farmers moved to the surrounding cities of Adelaid (e.g. Hahndorf) after the Second World War many Italians, Greeks, Asians and South Americans moved to Australia to settle in Adelaide. Even today, some Germans, Austrians and Swiss still live in the Adelaide Hills and in the famous Barossa Valley wine region. Many of them are even members of the South Australian German Association (German Club). At the Migration Museum in North Terrace, those interested can learn more about the time of the settlers and find out more about the history of Adelaide.


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