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Smart home devices

Hardly a couple of decades ago, intelligent vacuum robots, as if by magic, automatic shutters and devices that switch on when called, still belonged in the realm of science fiction. Modern smart home devices make the dream of an automated home a reality. But which devices are dormant in the smart home universe? We clarify in our blog post.

What smart home devices are there?

Offer in their diversity Smart home devices for technology fans hardly any limits. Reason enough that we bring light into the darkness and take a closer look at the most important device classes among smart home devices.

Let's start with basics like lighting control. Thanks to radio-controlled lamps, lights can be switched on and off remotely in the smart home. At the push of a button, you can conveniently set stored light setups from the sofa using your smartphone. The central control of sockets works just as easily. Regardless of whether it is to conveniently limit standby power consumption or to check whether all smart home devices are really switched off when you leave the house. Controllable sockets are versatile in the smart home.

Regardless of whether it is to conveniently limit standby power consumption or to check whether all smart home devices are really switched off when you leave the house. Controllable sockets are versatile in the smart home.

It is similar with programmable awnings, blinds, vacuum robots and heating thermostats. But that's not all, because the smart home universe also includes smart home security with intelligent door locks, remote-controlled surveillance cameras as well as broken glass and motion detectors.

Ultimately, the smart home experience is a lot of fun thanks to an extensive entertainment system including smart TV, stereo and HTPC, which is networked with a voice assistant such as Amazon Echo or Google Home [unpaid advertising]. They also work for other smart home devices Voice assistants as the central office and fulfill every wish of smart home users on demand. Comfort and energy-efficient living have never been so close as with an intelligent smart home concept.

The 6 most popular smart home devices in Germany

Smart home is a piece of individuality. Every country has its preferences. While the Japanese like it particularly unusual when it comes to smart homes, the German user is more down-to-earth - but demanding and focused on efficiency. This is also reflected in the five in this country most popular smart home devices contrary.

Amazon Echo 3 - # 1

The Amazon Echo 3 loudspeaker [unpaid advertising] is a best seller in this country and for many users it is also the first step towards the smart home. The loudspeaker in the chic cylinder design scores with a 360-degree surround sound and thus puts some hi-fi systems in the shade. The intelligent heart of the Amazon Echo 3, however, is Amazon's voice assistant Alexa. You can use the intuitive voice control and the smartphone app to express music requests, query recipes and manage appointments.

If the Echo 3 loudspeaker is coupled with other compatible smart home devices, the range of functions is expanded to include setting up an intercom system for the front door and that Adjustment of heating thermostats and light switches on demand. But that's not all, because the intelligent loudspeaker can constantly learn new things via downloadable skills.

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Philips Hue light system - # 2

From the Amazon Echo we are going to build a bridge to the next top seller in Germany. We are talking about the Hue lighting system from Philips [unpaid advertising]. The starter set, which can be expanded to include additional light sources, consists of two E27 LED light sources of energy efficiency class A +, which can be integrated into smart home systems via the supplied bridge, and an app for smartphones. Operation via the Hue app on the smartphone or alternatively via the Amazon Echo is child's play even without an existing smart home device. While the dimming function is available via the Hue dimmer, which is also available Home at the push of a button To make things even more comfortable, the scheduler function offers additional convenience. Whether it's an evening routine or presence simulation to ward off burglars - the Philips Hue lighting system makes it possible.

TP-Link WLAN socket - # 3

Some devices are already smart by default. Most of the devices in our households are still a long way from this standard. Smart sockets like the TL-Link WLAN [unpaid advertising] socket transforms any device into a controllable component of a smart home system in just a few simple steps. The device, which can be controlled via WLAN via an app, is placed between the flush-mounted socket and the consumer with a single movement.

The smart circuit is ready for use without a central hub. The connected device can not only be controlled manually by remote access. Then there are the Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well as automated schedules for routines like turning on the coffee maker. That is particularly practical Recording of power consumption for more energy efficiency in the home.

Ecovacs robot mop Deebot T8 + Robot hoover - # 4

Vacuuming is a chore for most of us. With a programmable vacuum robot like that Ecovacs robot mop Deebot T8 + [unpaid advertising] vacuuming is easily done using the smartphone app. Using the ECOVACS Home App, virtual boundaries can be drawn on the map with the mobile phone in order to prioritize or omit areas. Using a stored cleaning plan, users then send the vacuum robot autonomously on its journey.

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Thanks to the suction motor rotating at 10,000 RPM, the vacuum cleaner achieves good cleaning performance on both hard floors and carpets. At the same time, the vacuum bag with a power of 33 watts (energy efficiency class A) turns out to be particularly economical. And if you like, you don't even have to pick up your smartphone to vacuum. Assuming a suitable device, the little helper can also be directed via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa [unpaid advertising].

Sonos One speaker - # 5

The Sonos One Smart Speaker [unpaid advertising] is the modern day stereo equivalent. Thanks to the combination of a compact design and high-quality sound in the highs and lows, the device adorns many living rooms and bedrooms in this country. Several loudspeakers can be combined to form a multi-room sound system. If you like, you can even hear the same song completely synchronized in two different rooms.

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Thanks to its moisture resistance, the Sonos One speaker is suitable for both the terrace and the bathroom. Integration into an existing home cinema system is also possible without any problems. With the in-house Sonos app [unpaid advertising], music lovers can not only conveniently control the device, but also manage their entire music library in one place. Alternatively, operation is child's play with AirPlay 2 or touch controls.

Nuki: the smart door lock - # 6

A smart door lock is a dream come true for everyone who likes to forget their key. No wonder that smart home devices like the Nuki can be found on house doors more and more often. Without screwing or drilling the Smart Lock can be mounted on an existing lock cylinder within a few minutes. The lock can be controlled via the app using the bridge supplied. The highlight: Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, the Nuki Smartlock automatically unlocks the door as soon as the residents approach with their smartphone.

Alternatively, operation from the outside is also possible without a smartphone using a keypad, which is also available. Conveniently, permanent or temporary access authorizations can also be set up for other people via the app. Whether for the children, the parcel deliverer, the neighbors who are supposed to water the flowers on vacation, or for the best friends who come back too early for a barbecue. That doesn't matter with a Smart Lock like the Nuki.

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