What is a dirty secret about marriage

Come on, do it to me! Why really dirty sex is the very best

Nothing against cuddly flower sex, it also has its right to exist! But you can only really have fun in bed when things get really dirty. When you surrender to passion completely sweaty, moan loudly and say exactly how you want to be touched and pampered where! This sometimes takes a bit of effort, but is rewarded with unforgettable, concentrated pleasure!

And the good thing is: whether you are newly in love or have long been married, dirty sex full of passion is always possible. So put an end to prude and just do what you always wanted to do. No matter when, where and how: Now we're just a little bitch!

1. Surprise effect

Pick him up from the airport and just wear a touch of lingerie under his coat? Try it out! You'll be amazed how much passion can build up on the way home if you tell him your little secret, and how this tension is released once you've made it through the apartment door.

2. Word games

It doesn't have to be vulgar at all: a surprising sex talk with direct announcements and wishes can be quite heated. The best thing to do is to whisper your erotic puns to him when he least expects it, for example in the queue at the supermarket checkout or in the fully occupied elevator! This is the best way to prepare for lots of fun in bed. If you can make it to the bedroom ...

3. Fantastic

Have you always dreamed of going to a swingers club or seducing them in a clearing in the forest? Then it is time to initiate this dream into him. After all, you can reinvent your sex and get even closer when you finally speak out what has been haunted in your mind for a long time. Maybe he also has one or the other wish up his sleeve?

4. Just try it out

Whether Kamasutra, bondage or anal sex - the good thing is: You don't have to be a master in these areas, you just feel your way around together. After all, there is never THE perfect implementation here, only the shared passion. The main thing is that you have fun with it, that's it!

5. The woman is herself

Woman is herself, and of course she knows her own body best. It may take some effort at first, but just show him how you would like to be touched by demonstrating how you please yourself. The full program and he is only allowed to watch. So you are not only guaranteed to get your money's worth, his gaze and his desires will make you all the sharper. Nice side effect: in the future he will know how to make you tremble.

6. Imperfection

Perfection is undesirable, because passion is not measured by a smoothly shaved bikini line and a perfectly made-up pout! Believe us, he doesn't really care if you just have fun with lust instead!

7. Uncontrolled

No more mental cinema! The key to passionately good sex is having healthy self-esteem. Accept your body as it is and free yourself from the wishful thinking that you always look good and desirable during sex.

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