What is the relationship between politics and geography

Professor of Human Geography

in the Human geography work area scientists are involved in various research projects. The homepages of the respective scientists in the department provide information on current research projects and dissertation projects.

Prof. Dr. Hans Gebhardt was Professor of Human Geography at Heidelberg University from 1996-2018. Before that he was Professor of Anthropogeography / Regional Studies of Southwest Germany at the University of Tübingen (1990–1996). He has been a senior professor since October 1st, 2018; this professorship has now been extended by the rectorate for a further year until September 30, 2021.

Human geography (synonym: anthropogeography) deals with spatial orders and patterns of economic and social action, as shown, for example, in the structural structures of cities, in the spatial organization of the economy or in politics and geography. Also meant are the spaces in our heads, the ideas we have of foreign regions, the meaning with which we symbolically charge places. The interdependencies between spaces and the relationships between different spatial levels (global - national - regional - local) are particularly exciting for geographers. Human geography is the science of the spatial organization of human activity and the relationships between society and the environment.