Why do people support diversity

Why do we support developing countries in conserving biodiversity?

The preservation of biodiversity is of great importance to mankind in order to meet the needs for health, food and well-being and to protect the health and balance in nature and agriculture.

In addition, the preservation of biological diversity is an essential cornerstone of the fight against poverty. Biodiversity and the basic services of ecosystems form the livelihoods of the poor, who are about 90 percent dependent on biological resources to meet their existential needs, because they are for these people the direct basis of nutrition, medical care, house building and at the same time the most important sources of income. Around 80 percent of global terrestrial biological and genetic resources are in developing countries.

The protection and sustainable use of biological diversity also represent concrete economic advantages for industrialized countries, for example through the genetic diversity that is important for research and development.

The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) has been promoting biodiversity projects in developing and emerging countries through the International Climate Initiative (IKI), which has been in existence since 2011.