What is the greater good

Lack of sleep because of Netflix and cell phones

What can individuals do to get more sleep?
Everyone can regain control of their sleep and give their night's rest a higher priority. Everyone can try in the evening to feel their own needs, to come down, and yes, maybe drink a good wine with it (but not every evening!). It starts with the day: You should spend time in daylight, incorporate some exercise into everyday life and pay attention to caffeine consumption. What also works wonders: A short power nap at noon. Anyone can learn that.

You have to explain that briefly.
Ideally, the short nap should happen between noon and 3 p.m. and last between 10 and 15 minutes, no later and no longer. Many say, “I can't take a nap, so I don't.” What you need to know: It's all about a light sleep. It is completely normal not to be sure whether you have slept or not. 60 percent of test persons were of the opinion after a short nap that they had not slept at all. But they did. The trick is that your goal shouldn't be sleep, but rest. Then the hurdle is much lower. Just close your eyes, be careful - and let it happen. It takes three months between “I can't take a short nap” to the level “I'm a good quick sleeper”. After six months everyone is actually one Napping ninja, can fall asleep within a minute and wake up on its own.