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Workout: Fit like a US Marine

U.S. Army soldiers are known for their physical fitness. Especially in the basic training of US Marines, Navy Seals or Army Rangers, permanent drill is part of the daily program. The elite soldiers don't even need devices for this.

For decades, military instructors have been using their own body weight exercises to keep their recruits fit for emergencies. This not only saves money, but is also highly efficient, says fitness expert Marcel Markwirth. And the former paratrooper should know, because he worked as a drill sergeant in the German Armed Forces for eight years.

After completing his military service, Marcel completed a degree in sports and health and now works as a personal trainer in Mallorca. "Today I use the knowledge from my military service to make my clients fit for the beach with bodyweight workouts," says Drill Seargent. "Many of my customers are surprised by the efficiency of these simple workouts."

Basically, you don't need a fully equipped gym or expensive equipment if you want to keep fit. “Couch potatoes often use this as an argument why you don't do any sport yourself,” says Marcel. “But I won't accept this excuse, everyone can keep fit with little effort. My advice is: just do it instead of complaining. "

For netzathleten.de, Drill Seargent has developed a small workout with which you will get just as fit as a US marine:

Do the workout three times a week, with a day of rest between training days. The exercises are carried out as a circular program without a break. Try to complete the exercises in the order listed and only after a complete run is there a one-minute break. The quick change between exercises and the short breaks drive your pulse up and boost your metabolism. Depending on your fitness level, you do three to six rounds.

Here we go:

- 10min warm-up
- Circuit training 3-6 rounds:
• 10x burpees
• 30sec star support
• 20x jumping jack
• 10x push-ups
• 20 times sit up cross-legged
• 20x prisoner squat
• 20x Mountain Climber
• 1 minute break
- 10min cool-down

Exercise descriptions:

1) burpees
From a shoulder-width stand, put your hands next to your feet and jump into the push-up position. Do a push-up and jump your feet back into a crouch with your hands still on the floor. From there you stand up again and do a stretch jump. Bring your hands up. Back to the starting position.

2) star support
Lie face down on the floor. Now stretch your arms and legs diagonally away from your body. Your extremities form a kind of star shape. Tense your stomach and try to lift your upper body off the floor. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

3) jumping jack
In the starting position you stand upright with your legs together and arms folded. Now hop your feet to the side and at the same time raise your arms sideways over your head. As soon as your feet hit the ground. You spring back to the starting position. Sounds simple, but it really gets your pulse going up.

4) push-ups
Get into the push-up position. The hands are about shoulder width apart and the body forms a straight line. Tense your buttocks and stomach and then bend your arms until your face is almost touching the floor. Just push yourself out of your arms back into the support. The body always remains fixed.

5) Sit-up cross legged
Lie on the floor. The arms are stretched behind the head and the legs are bent similarly to when sitting cross-legged, but the soles of the feet are touching. Now straighten your upper body and bring your hands to your feet. Back to the starting position.

6) Prisoner Squat
In the starting position you stand upright and cross your hands behind your head. The elbows are brought back as far as possible. You keep the arm position during the entire exercise. Now you do a squat. Try to lower your buttocks backwards in a controlled manner and not push your knees in front of your toes. As soon as the thigh is in a horizontal position, you stop briefly and then dynamically push yourself back into the starting position.

7) Mountain Climber
Get back into the push-up position. Instead of bending your arms, you now alternately pull your right and left knee to the opposite elbow. Actively tense the abdominal muscles and try to keep your body as straight as possible. The feet are not placed on the ground.

Marcel's tip: “Stop your time the first time and check your progress regularly. If you do the workout regularly, you will quickly notice how you are getting fitter. "

About Marcel Markwirth:

Marcel Markwirth works as a personal trainer in Mallorca. The fitness expert studied at the German University for Prevention and Health Management and graduated with a bachelor's degree in fitness economics. Before that, Marcel worked as a paratrooper instructor for eight years. Together with sports travel company Jorge Sports, the drill-seargent organizes year-round fitness bootcamps in the holiday resort of Paguera.

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