What does screen mean in football

Numerous football fans were amazed at this innovation over the weekend. When the games in the Bundesliga and the 2nd division were broadcast, a strange symbol was displayed on the pay-TV channel Sky at the bottom left of the screen. Many fans puzzled on social networks - until the station itself provided an explanation.

Since the restart after the Corona crisis, a watermark can be seen on Sky broadcasts. In addition to the Bundesliga logo, which traditionally can be seen at the bottom right of the audience, there is now a small rectangle on the left. It shows a circle with a wave. A symbol that caused astonishment among many football fans.

PID: Sky explains new symbol for TV broadcasts

"This is a so-called" PID "(best not google it;)), ie a" Platform Identifier ". This is for content protection, ”wrote the“ Sky Service ”on Twitter in response to a user's request. This is a clear assignment of the digital video material, which can be identified at any time and anywhere by the individual PID code.

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The logo was already visible on users' screens last season. It has not disappeared for the 2020/21 season either, but is still visible. In the "Sky Go" app, however, the new symbol is not displayed.

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