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The little manifesto of meaning.

Man cannot be without meaning. He doesn't die immediately if the meaning is missing - at least not physically. But life without meaning is murky, boring, and full of hamster wheels that numb us. So sense is vital !?

“Actually yes,” says Stefan Dudas, business expert for meaning (www.voll-sinn.com) and book author (VOLL SINN, BusinessVillage Verlag, December 2017), but warns: “Our society works differently! Most people are just busy. We have around 30,000 days on this earth and yet we often do not live our own lives. We live to suffice, to please, to be successful, to be loved, to meet expectations and perhaps to be better than others. We spend a lot of time keeping up appearances. When 'life' gives us signs that we should change something, we go to the doctor, let ourselves be reassembled, and move on. Life is fair and usually gives us several opportunities. But for that you have to look carefully and listen. But there is usually no time for that. We know that the time has come for more meaning in life and what needs to be changed. The only question is who goes ahead, who does it. "

For all those who want to set out on their way, Stefan Dudas has formulated 15 principles that enable a meaning-based life: »The small manifesto of meaning should be a public declaration of goals and intentions that guide our thoughts and actions in new directions can steer «.


  1. Less masks

You don't have to pretend to anyone. You must like your life. Not your neighbor or your friends or parents.


  1. Less show

You get recognition when you care about people. Only when you can accept and love yourself will you get the same from outside.


  1. Less fear

What exactly are you afraid of? Fears block you. Clear up your fears and blockages. Your greatest potential for further development is where the fear is.


  1. More sense

You can only lead a conscious life if you deal with yourself regularly. Only then can you discover the meaning of your life. More and more often ask yourself what drives you. Because if you don't know what inspires you, you won't improve your life.


  1. More experiences

Having money, having a lot of money, is beautiful and worth striving for. But the experiences are more important. Because later you will not be able to remember your account balance, but your experiences.


  1. More courage

Above all, the courage to stand up for yourself, your views, your opinion, your lifestyle and your values. More honest no's and less dishonest yes.


  1. More self worth

Deal with your self-esteem. It is the crux of many, very many moments in life. Not pretended or imposed self-worth, but real, deeply felt self-worth.


  1. More awareness

Be more and more aware of your everyday life, the people and your emotions. The sunrise, the laugh of a child, the moment while drinking coffee or the nice conversation.


  1. More gratitude

Be grateful every day. For your health, your projects, the people around you, the beautiful moments and the little joys.


  1. More dreams

Don't let anyone spoil your dreams. Only listen to people who are where you want to be. Work on your dream - even if it takes a long time and the way is arduous. It is worth it ..


  1. More clarity

Be clear in what you are doing. Don't do crooked deals with your lifetime. If you sell these, then only for an activity that fulfills you. Everything else is lifetime annihilation.


  1. More impact

Be aware of the effect you have on other people and do not put your light under a bushel. Sell ​​your effect. Confident and safe.


  1. More honesty

People can only experience what you can and want if you tell them. Modesty is wrong here. Be honest with others and especially with yourself more often.


  1. More respect

Respect yourself just as much as you want others to respect you. You are the most precious thing that you have. Be respectful of it and don't let others treat you disrespectfully.


  1. Have fun

Life has to be fun. Otherwise, rebuild it until it's fun. You alone are responsible for your life.


The small manifesto of meaning is available as a beautifully designed PDF free of charge to download from the website www.voll-sinn.com - as well as other reminders, additions and many other inspirations full of meaning.


Stefan Dudas


Only what makes sense can fill us

264 pages, € 24.95

ISBN 978-3-8698-039-44

BusinessVillage Publishing House

December 2017





* Stefan Dudas is a business expert for meaning. The keynote speaker, coach and author lays the foundation for new approaches in a humorous and profound way. His "suxess system for meaning-based management" conveys meaningfulness in leadership, communication and motivation. In December 2017 his new book “FULL SENSE - Only what makes sense can fulfill us” will be published. More information at www.stefandudas.com


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