Which IHM offers a culinary arts course

Top 10: Cooking classes in Berlin

Learn to cook in Charlottenburg

Goldhahn and Sampson

The well-stocked delicatessen store with an attached cookbook department offers several cooking courses between 50 and 95 euros in its two branches. Classics such as typical national kitchens (including France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Thailand) take place there as well as “Everything about red wine”, poultry and sushi courses. Super-specialized offers get involved Goldhahn & Sampson but also with. For example “Miss Vegan Vietnam” or “Healthy High Protein” for sporty eaters with tips for quick, protein-rich dishes with few carbohydrates. As the name suggests, some cooking classes are held in English. Also in the second branch in Prenzlauer Berg.
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Cooking courses in Kreuzberg

In a la mouth

What food can everyone always agree on? Pasta - Basta! So we think it's only logical that this cooking school on Friesenstrasse has specialized in the mother of all favorite foods. In addition to the two-day pasta seminars (129 euros / person) for hardcore fans, there are also themed courses in the evenings, for example on Maultaschen or decadent pasta (pappardelle, coffee sauce and strips of beef fillet). Three other courses at 61 euros each have such teasing names as "One more refill please!", "An ode to flour" and "Ms. Serotonin". But now you can find out for yourself what is behind it.
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At home manufacture

The At home manufacture offers space for a culinary shopping corner and a rental kitchen, where pop-ups, tea ceremonies and cooking courses take place. The basement location is quite small and cozy - people cook in one room and eat in the other. Here you can learn to bake perfect sourdough bread, shape Chinese dumplings or ferment cabbage for a fair 38 euros. Depending on the provider in English or German. We tested the vegan cooking course by "The Clean Green Blonde" Jenny Kuba - with delicious beetroot falafel, hummus and a vegan aioli that was really tough. After that, you better not have a date, but guaranteed a new favorite recipe.
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Cooking schools in Schöneberg

Atelier Culinário

At Sabine Hueck in Atelier Culinário everyone feels at home. The cozy kitchen, the inviting table, the warmth of the hostess: everything is just right here. The Brazilian cooking course for 79 euros is free, everyone chooses the dish they like and spontaneous team changes are possible at any time. The cooking is vegetarian or with fish. In addition to great recipes from all over the world and tricks for preparation, you can quickly get together as a group on the cooking island, but private cooking events can also be booked. Students receive a 15 percent discount on all cooking classes and dinner evenings. Sabine Hueck's TV cooking show is unfortunately only produced in Spanish, but maybe she'll think about it German wave yes, Con Sabor Y Saber finally broadcast in German too.
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Children's cooking fun

Cooking vegetarian, making ravioli, baking apple tarts or Christmas cookies? What adults might taste like, children like at least as much - and learn it in small groups in the cooking school Children's cooking fun. The courses start in the afternoon at 4 p.m. Parents can, if they like, be there, but they don't have to. The cooking courses start at 90 minutes and cost from 20 euros per child, who are welcome in Schöneberg between the ages of 5 and 13. The school also offers holiday camps with day care (from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and children's birthdays as a chef.
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Kitchen Impossible

At Kitchen Impossible you can choose from three standard courses: "The seasonal cuisine of France", "The perfect steak", and "Israeli cuisine" for around 87 euros each. Before each course there is a short introduction to the cultural background of the court, after which the tasks are distributed. The chances of advancement are great: from the onion peeling kitchen helper to the pan chef, it often only takes one dish. The atmosphere in the show kitchen is exuberant and the homemade food tastes great thanks to professional instructions. At Kitchen Impossible value is placed on sustainable and regional products and you could even buy the kitchen in the end. So basically. Because the founder produces kitchen furniture from natural wood.
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Cooking courses in Reinickendorf

Curry workshop at Spice For Life

The spice hunter club accepts new members. Accompanied by Patrick Hahnel, professional discoverer in the world of spices, you will get to know a wide variety of herbs for 49 euros. Which spice is a good team player and what should not be missing in any curry mixture? In an experimental way, you can see, smell and taste your way through the variety of mustard, pepper and curry for three hours to ultimately create your own curry mix. The spice jar will impress your guests later or is ideal as a gift.
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Learn to cook in Prenzlauer Berg

The Hidden by Daniel’s Eatery

We know The hidden as a great lunch spot for really healthy food. Unfortunately, it didn't really pay off for Daniel Groethues, which is why there is no longer a clean-eating lunch in his beautiful location. In return, you can learn from him to cook deliciously. We chose the New York New York-Cooking course decided, in which everything is cooked, baked and eaten from the classic Waldorf salad to creamy Mac’n’Cheese to NY strip steak to the hyped cronut. Including drinks, it costs you 80 euros. The regular events here also include, for example, the clean eating cooking course, tarts, quiches & more or the classic supperclub dinner - after all, Daniel is one of Berlin's supperclub pioneers. We particularly like the cozy feel-home atmosphere here and that Daniel shares his expert knowledge with you as well as simply beautiful stories that expand your horizons. You can also rent the location.
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Berlin-wide cooking fun

The Makery

Finally make bulgogi, kimchi and bibimbap yourself - thanks to "Food & Drinks" courses at The Makery. In addition to the Korean specialties, there is a choice of French pastries, Italian pasta and Indian curry (from 29 euros). You can also make vegan cheese in Oberschöneweide, harvest honey in Kreuzberg, bake sourdough bread in Wedding and brew (ginger) beer in Neukölln. Most of the cooking courses are held in English or German to ensure the full international character. If that's not enough for you, you can also learn Arabic and Turkish while cooking. If your need for food is then met, you check in The Makery also other DIY areas - for example natural cosmetics or macrame.
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Adult education centers

The good old VHS has a lot to offer. And when it comes to cooking, it's worth taking a look at the course search for the twelve Berlin schools. Because: Almost every district offers courses (from Charlottenburg to Lichtenberg, Pankow to Steglitz) that are extremely cheap (from 17 euros), pick up everyone (even singles and pensioners) and deal with virtually every culinary topic. Families bread vegetable skewers in Reinickendorf, elementary school children and teenagers learn to cook in Treptow, vegan baking ideas and Christmas menus with seitangulash are cooked in Wilmersdorf. And then we haven't talked about Ayurvedic, Irish, Mediterranean and even star cuisine ... Nothing new for you? Then book the seminar on sweet lupine, food pairing or "The Color Yellow" at the VHS.
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Two more tips, because after so much cooking we are smarter than before: You shouldn't be really hungry because it can take three hours to finish a course like this. You want to get through it in a good mood (and also tolerate the one or two glasses of wine that are already available depending on the course). And because there is often something left over, don't be shy about bringing boxes and cans with you. It would be a shame if the leftovers ended up in the trash.