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Corona wedding better than the originally planned wedding

Greta and Dominic were right in the middle. As you once imagined your wedding on May 23, 2020, it unfortunately could not take place due to the corona pandemic. Safety regulations, city regulations and distance regulations ensured that they had to rethink and not be able to celebrate in the urban location in Bremen as planned.

In this situation, many couples decided to postpone their wedding until the next year. But they did not allow themselves to be discouraged and celebrated a festival in times of Corona with many short-term changes that should be even better than planned for months.

“Our day was really perfect! We wouldn't want to change him!
20 people were allowed into the registry office and on the way home
to celebrate in a small group with parents and witnesses, we were surprised by our friends!
Our photographer Marta was there too! The photos have become a dream! "


In the following interview you can read how the civil ceremony went and how the further plans for the big celebration were:


When did you first realize that your wedding could not take place as originally planned, and what went through your head?

It struck me for the first time around the middle of March that we could possibly be affected. We were both optimistic for a long time, because the end of May was so long back then! But it quickly became clear to me that the celebration would probably not take place as planned, but that didn't bother either of us extremely. You can catch up on partying. On the other hand, spending the wedding and this moment with our closest friends and family was very important to us.

Was the wedding planning already completed at the beginning of Corona, or were you still missing a few points on the checklist?

Actually everything was planned down to the smallest details in the flower decoration and food selection.

What had to be adjusted / changed / moved?

Our civil wedding could take place as planned on May 22nd. take place with the closest family and groomsmen with 20 people. The free wedding was held on May 23. on the 4.7. postponed. The relaxation allowed us to hold this with all 85 guests. Our location has also changed. We have now married in a beautiful private park; near Oldenburg in the open air in a very romantic atmosphere.

What alternatives did you consider once you knew the celebration had to be postponed?

We looked directly at several options and considered what would be possible alternatives and where it could take place. It was definitely interesting how unimportant things like decoration and location become. Of course, the location should be beautiful and romantic and everything should ideally fit together in style. And that is exactly what we have now found by a huge coincidence. A dreamlike location as a private park that is so beautiful. 1,000 times more beautiful than the wedding in our original location would ever have been. Nevertheless, we would have married in one of our parents' gardens or something similar. Because in the end it is about us both saying yes to each other and the atmosphere that this creates does not have to be emphasized with elaborate location and decoration; neither can the mood be artificially created.

What are you particularly sad or happy about that it has now come as it is?

To be honest, we're pretty happy with how it was now. So we could really enjoy the evening of our civil wedding and celebrate for ourselves without having to get up early the next day. So the small celebration after the registry office would not have been so nice and relaxed. Due to the postponement and the rescheduling, we have also found our absolute dream location, which we might not have come across under other circumstances.

Everything comes as it should. However, the weeks before were very nerve-wracking. You want to at least let your parents be with you that day and that that would work was only clear shortly beforehand and that made us extremely relieved. Because of this stress and uncertainty, we have moved even closer together. Cancellation or postponing until next year was out of the question for us, as times like this show that it is better not to wait with such an important step.

How did you spend your stag do?

Our JGAs will be made up for :) But I spent the day before the wedding in my parents' garden with my bridesmaids. (Unfortunately it was not possible with all the girls because of the ban on contact). We drank wine and laughed a lot.

How could you still enjoy your civil (corona) wedding and how did the day go for you?

Our civil wedding went off as planned, but there was also a "small" hurdle shortly before the end. My cousin's friend was supposed to pick her and me up and had surprised me with a cream-colored vintage car adorned with white roses that belonged to his father. Halfway there was a loud bang - the clutch broke and we could only roll onto the sidewalk. Fortunately, one of my best friends was nearby and there within 2 minutes and we sped up the gravel driveway at Lür-Kropp-Hof at 50 km / h.

When I got there, my very excited and emotional husband was already waiting and our guests stood in line. The wedding was very nice and emotional and after that we had a champagne reception outside. On the way home, our friend, my husband's best man, let us out on a small path that leads to a park near my parents' street and said something was waiting for us. At the end of the little path, 35 of our friends were standing and surprised us with soap bubbles and champagne - the distance was of course kept :)

One of my bridesmaids then handed us a wonderful guest book, which my girls had planned and in which each of our 85 guests designed and described a page for us. It really moved us to tears and is something you keep looking at.

How was the further planning for your big celebration?

Due to the relaxation, we were able to marry freely in front of all the guests. Since you always had to plan from day to day, you couldn't exactly know how it would look with further relaxation. So we had two different plans and spontaneously looked at what was possible. You just had to be flexible and free yourself from a lot.

"The wedding, which has now been rescheduled quite spontaneously, was even more beautiful than it would have been in the originally planned location. With or without a celebration. And you can easily make up for it again."

How did you spend your mini honeymoon? What was originally planned?

After the wedding we stayed in a very nice hotel in Scharbeutz on the Baltic Sea for a few days. We booked the trip on the spur of the moment when it became clear that one could travel to the sea. We were extremely lucky with the weather and spent our days in bathing suits in a beach chair and had a great dinner in the evening and really enjoyed the little break. We actually wanted to go to Bali. But we have that on our list for next year and we hope that everything will work out :)

We would like to thank the bride Greta for this incredibly great interview and wish the newly wed couple all the best for their future together!

There will be a report about the great wedding celebration of Greta and Dominic soon in the wedding stories - be curious!