How does technology benefit companies

Advice for technology-driven companies

In order to assert themselves in the future, technology-driven companies have to drastically change their business models and approaches and expand or develop a large number of competencies.

  • Customer-centered products / services that require agile development processes that lead to changed requirements for risk management and planning (volatility)
  • More flexible business and pricing models, which also lead to changed financing strategies.
  • Massive build-up of IT resources - both in software development, data analytics and data security, as IT will also dominate all primary product areas in the future
  • Adaptive and autonomous organizational structures and decision-making paths with clearly decentralized decision-making authority and a significantly higher tolerance for errors and risks

What effects do these changes have on your business model and strategy?
How can the necessary transformation be initiated and driven forward?
How do you react to the growing volatility and emerging risks?
How does the value chain have to be designed in order to survive in global competition?
Which control logics and processes do you need in the future in order to support your future business models in the best possible way?
What are the changed requirements for your IT strategy and the way IT is positioned in your company?

We are the right partner for technology companies from medical technology, bio-tech, to information technology that are actively facing this change, and we support them in selected topics.

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