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Netflix: Two more anime are out | »Maid-sama«: New release in HD and much more. - Daily Anime News 10/19/2020

Even today and last weekend there was a lot going on in the anime world! So that you don't lose track of all the reports, we have sorted and clearly summarized the most important news of the day for you! Clear the stage!

Netflix: Two more anime are out

Another bad news for anime fans on Netflix: the VoD provider will soon be saying goodbye to two more anime series.

Until November 14, 2020 do we still have time toOne Punch Man" and "Tokyo Ghoul √A«To catch up on Netflix, because from then on the two anime series will disappear from the catalog of the streaming service - this was revealed to us by an entry on the Netflix product pages for the two anime. So if you don't know the series yet, you still have just under a month!

The first season of »One Punch Man«Was in this country by the publisher Kazé anime licensed and published with Japanese original sound and German subtitles. If you prefer to stream your anime, you can also do so at Anime on Demand do.

The second season of »Tokyo Ghoul« with the name »Tokyo Ghoul √A«Got a disc license from Kazé anime missed and was released on Blu-ray and DVD with Japanese voice output and German subtitles. Also here is Anime on Demand the streaming alternative.

Netflix has been phasing out its anime programming for some time. Most recently it was series like Bakemonogatari and AnoHana, Tokyo Ghoul and InuYasha, or Steins; Gate and Black Butler. A number of Naruto films were not spared either.

»Maid-sama«: New release in HD

Don't blush now! Kazé-senpai has promised us that the romantic comedy »Maid-sama« will be released as a new edition next year, and for the first time in HD! Kyaa!

German anime publisher Kazé Anime unveiled one this weekend Republication of the 26-part RomCom "Maid-sama" incl. OVA on Blu-ray and DVD with Japanese original sound and German subtitles. The release will take place in two volumes, the Blu-ray will also contain all episodes in High definition contain.

Saika High has not been a pure boys' school for ages, but discipline and order still prevail there Terror and chaos - a circumstance that tends to scare off girls, which is why the proportion of women among the students is still low.

The self-confident Misaki is getting tired of the theater and is fighting hard as ever to the head of the student councilto gradually put an end to the nonsense and instill common sense in their classmates. Feared by the boys and adored by the girls, she maintains her unapproachable appearance until her schoolmate Takumi runs into her part-time job in a cute maiden outfit.

But instead of exposing the real face of the student council chairperson to the rest of the school, he keeps the secret of what Misaki belongs to himself upset

"Maid-sama" on Crunchyroll

"Maid-sama" was created in the studio J.C. Staff (“Food Wars”, “Toradora”) directed by Hiroaki Sakurai (“Kodocha”, “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.”). Yuki Imoto is responsible for the character designs.

Before the physical re-release, the series was already in the form of Kazé Anime four DVD volumes* available. Anime on Demand offers the comedy via streaming with German dub, and it recently joined Crunchyrollto. For the bookworms, Carlsen-Verlag has the underlying manga by Hiro Fujiwara with all 18 volumes ready.

"DanMachi" manga canceled

As publisher Kazé announced in its newsletter on Sunday, the manga adaptation of the fantasy light novel "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" officially canceled in Japan and accordingly cannot be continued in this country either. There is silence about the reasons.

"Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka", or in short: DanMachi, takes you into a world in which gods and people live together in so-called "Familias". The story of the adventure Bell Cranel and the unsuccessful goddess Hestia could be thanks to alovingly crafted fantasy world, an interesting story, cute girls and, last but not least, a good deal of self-irony quickly pull the audience to their side.

The manga for the light novel of the same name originated from the pen of author Fujino Omori and illustrator Kunieda and includes a total of ten volumes, all of which are available in this country. While the series filled the Japanese shelves from August 2013 to September 2018, we enjoyed Bell's drawn adventures in this country from September 2017 to March 2019.

However, at least the Japanese fans do not go completely empty, the Young Gangan magazine has published one since December 2019 new manga adaptation by draftsman Taisei Yamachi, who started with the Haruhime Arc. It is not yet clear whether Kazé will also secure the rights to this release.

»DanMachi« adapts the underlying Light novel by author Fujino Oomori and, in addition to several manga adaptations, has also produced an anime that is currently in its third round.

In Germany the associated film "Sword Oratoria" is available in the stream on Amazon Prime Video, the first season is currently no longer in the program. You can watch the spin-off and the first two seasons on Anime on Demand. Season three is also simulcast there every Friday. Streaming service Crunchyroll has also secured the rights to the third season and streams them for premium members every Friday at 6:30 p.m.

The publisher Anime House released both seasons as well as Sword Oratoriaon Blu-ray and DVD, the movie should follow in the near future.

Source: Kazé

»RikeKoi«: Second season announced!

Boys and girls of science, put on your smocks, because in the newly announced second season of »RikeKoi« it will be romantic again in the university laboratory!

For the adaptation of the romance manga "Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita." (Int. "Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It"), or "RikeKoi" for short, which will be released in the 2020 winter season ran on Japanese TV, became one on the weekend second season announced. This was confirmed to us on the news page of the official homepage.

However, further information about the future season is still pending.

How scientific is love actually? To find out, have yourself Shinya Yukimura and Ayame Himuro teamed up and tested their theories together in the laboratory at their university. It's good that the two are actually themselves into each other in love are - that makes finding theories that much easier! Will they ultimately be able to substantiate their feelings for one another with facts and logic, or is their heartbeat getting in the way of science?

The anime and about the two scientists Shinya and Ayame was created by Toru Kitahara ("Hinako Note", "Haganai NEXT") at Studio Zero-G (“Grand Blue”, “My Roommate is a Cat”). Rintarou Ikeda and Michiko Yokote teamed up for the script, while Yuusuke Isouchi designed the characters.

Alifred Yamamoto is responsible for the manga template, which he has published since 2016 on the "Comic Meteor" website. Thanks to the Holp Shuppan publishing house, there are eight print media so far MangaVolumes appeared.

Anyone who has now got a taste for it has the opportunity to watch the first season at Crunchyroll with Japanese voice output and German subtitles. It is currently uncertain whether the second season will end up with the streaming provider again.

»Horimiya«: New teaser published

A fun school romance awaits us next year with »Horimiya« - now there is finally a second teaser to look at!

The official website of the upcoming romantic comedy, which will celebrate its Japanese television premiere in January 2021, posted a new one today Teaser in the net. This time the two characters Ishikawa and Yuki are dealt with.

»Horimiya« tells the story of the Kyoko high school studentwhich is adored by everyone for its beauty and intelligence. Her shy classmate Izumi, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. When he suddenly pierced and in punk clothes meets the unstyled Kyoko, the chaos is perfect. And little by little they realize that maybe they are not that different after all.

The series is created in Studio CloverWorks ("The Promised Neverland", "Fairy Tail: Final Series") directed by Masashi Ishihama ("From the New World"). The script comes from Takao Yoshioka ("High School DxD", "Your Lie in April") and Haruko Iizuka ("Little Busters!", "The iDOLM @ STER SideM") takes care of the character design. Masaru Yokoyama (“Fate / Apocrypha”, “Fruits Basket 2019”) composes the music.
The role of Kyoko Hori is cast by Haruka Tomatsu (Zero Two in "DARLING in the FRANXX", Morgiana in "Magi") and Kouki Uchiyama (Tomura Shigaraki in "My Hero Academia", Kei Tsukishima in "Haikyuu !!") Izumi Miyamura.

»Horimiya«: First trailer!

In September 2012, the 4-coma version of the series was named four-part OVA implemented. The 24-minute episodes come from the studios Gonzo (“Last Exile”, “Kiddy Grade”) and Hoods Entertainment (“Seikon no Qwaser”, “Drifters”) and were directed by Shingo Natsume (“ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Dept. «,» Boogiepop and Others «) adapted.

The manga penned by Author HERO and illustrator Daisuke Hagiwara started on October 18, 2011 in the Japanese "Monthly-G-Fantasy" magazine, after it was published from February 2007 to December 2011 under the title "Hori-san to Miyamura-kun" as a 4-coma web manga. The Japanese version of the series currently comprises 14 volumes and is published by Square Enix.

In Germany, all 14 previously published volumes are included in the new version Egmont Manga published.

"Date a Bullet": Trailer for the second part

After the first part of "Date a Bullet" was released some time ago in Japanese cinemas, fans are excited about the second part - a new trailer now gives us first insights!

The first part of the “Date a Live” spin-off “Date a Bullet” has been broadcast in Japanese cinemas since August 14, 2020; November 13, 2020 consequences. In order to keep the fans in line until then, a new one was added to the series' official website today Trailer published about it!

The trailer contains the ending song "Precious" by RinamooN and crowns the 25-minute second part called "Nightmare or Queen«.

"Date a Bullet" accompanies a lonely girl who meets Kurumi Tokisaki without any memory in an empty and sterile world and, as bait, the latter on onedeadly competition participates ...

The novel is a spin-off of the harem action "Date a Live" and is written by the author Yuuichiro Higashide ("Fate / Apocrypha") under the direction of series creator Koushi Tachibana. So far, six volumes of the side story have been published in Japan.

"Date a Bullet": New trailer for the "Date a Live" spin-off

The anime will be released in the form of a two-part short film series fromStudio Geek Toys(»Plunderer«, »RErideD«), and director Jun Nakagawa (»High School Fleet: The Movie«) is responsible for the staging for the first time in the franchise. The films first tell the story behind the underlying light novel.

In addition to the movie, there is also afourth season the "Date a Live" main series announced. When exactly this starts, however, is also still a well-kept secret.

In this country, the first three seasons and the film for the series are available from publisher AniMoon Blu-ray and DVD published. The series is also available on the Netflix streaming service. The third season can also be seen on the provider Wakanim.

"Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist «: first teaser published

The young doctor Dr. Ramune soon in his anime adaptation - now a teaser has been published!

A release of the series adaptation of the manga »Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist «by Ado Toro - im January 2021 it should start on Japanese television. After a long time without any news, a Teaser published for a little taste:

As long as people have hearts, they must suffer. That suffering draws something strange into their souls and manifests itself in their vulnerable bodies. This disease is called "Mysterious Illness" and even the best doctors in the world fail because of their treatment - if they even know of their existence. Only a young doctor could cope with this disease. His name is Ramune.

However, he doesn't seem like a doctor at all. He lives into the day, has a big mouth and is otherwise carefree in person. At least until he faces a victim of the Mysterious Disease. With the help of his assistant he takes care of the hearts of their victims and goes into the fight against a disease that seems almost overwhelming.

"Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist «gets Anime

"Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist «is created in Studio Platinum Vision ("Devils’ Line ") directed by Hideaki Oba (" Denko Cho Tokkyu Hikarian - Lightning Attack Express "," Hello Kitty Ringo no Mori no Fantasy "). The scripts come from Ayumu Hisao ("Devils' Line", "Kono Oto Tomare !: Sounds of Life") and Youko Satou ("7SEEDS", "Saiyuki Reload Blast") is responsible for the character design.

The manga of the same name started in Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine in November 2017 and will resume publication after its "final chapter" in August 2019 on Monday. In Japan the series currently comprises 3 volumes. Whether she is one German release is not yet certain.

»Wotakoi«: New visual for the OVA

Even nerds can fall in love, as the romantic comedy »Wotakoi« proved to us - there is now a new visual for the upcoming bonus episode!

At the February 26, 2021 The tenth edition of the romance / comedy manga "Wotakoi: No Cheats for Love" is to appear in Japanese stores - the limited edition includes an exclusive one Bonus episode for the anime that ran in Spring 2018. In terms of content, the OVA deals with the relationship between Naoya and Kou. Those who are already excited will be served a new visual today:

"Wotakoi" is about the pretty Narumi Momose, who was repeatedly abandoned by her ex-friends because of her nerdy hobbies. When she wants to start a fresh start in a new company, she runs into her former classmate Hirotaka Nifuji. This is not exactly the most exciting contemporary you can imagine, but just like Narumi one hopeless nerd. Little by little, however, the two begin to get closer and great feelings soon sprout from a little thing they have in common ...

»Wotakoi«: New OVA for nerd romance announced

The eleven-part anime was directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike ("Wagnaria !!", "Amagami SS") at Studio A-1 Pictures ("Sword Art Online", "Kaguya-sama: Love is War") and premiered in April 2018. The production of the OVA, however, takes over the studio Lapin track, which was previously only involved in series from other studios. The series covers roughly the first four volumes of the manga and is available in Germany in Japanese with German subtitles on Amazon Prime Video.

The manga has been published in Comic Pool magazine and is always continued. In this country, eight volumes have been published by the publisher Altraverse.

»WAVE !! Surfing Yappe !! «: Visual for the third film

Surfboards out and into the wave! After the start of the second film of »WAVE !! Surfing Yappe !! "- series there is now a visual for the third part!

After the second part of the surfing trilogy »WAVE !! Surfing Yappe !! " last Friday (October 16, 2020) started in Japanese cinemas, franchise developer Love & Arts had to heat up the hype even further and published a new one on the official Twitter account Visual for the upcoming film, which is on October 30, 2020 im in the starting blocks!

Shou Akitsuki is new to the school.Really shows interest in him only Masaki Hinaokawho soon finds out what Shou is really passionate about: Surfing! Through sport, the two slowly find a true friendship and also get to know other surfing enthusiasts, but on their way into the adult world it has to be shown how strong they are Connectedness between the two friends is really ...

»WAVE !! Surfing Yappe !! «: Opening released

The film series is produced by the animation studio Asahi Production (»Pan de Peace!«, »Medaka Box«) directed by Takaharu Ozaki. Tomoko Iwasa takes care of the character design and also works with Yuki Ikeda as Chief Animation Director. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu is responsible for the script. The ending "Beat Blue Beat" comes from the voice actors Tomoaki Maeno and Jin Ogasawara.

Part 1 of the trilogy has been in Japanese cinemas since October 2, 2020, Part 2 followed two weeks later with a release on October 16, 2020. The third film is expected to be released on October 30, 2020 start.

The film series comes from the multimedia project by Love & Art in collaboration with the Nippon Surfing Association, the Japanese surfing association. The franchise already includes several radio programs, CDs, a manga and an upcoming smartphone game. A License is not yet planned in this country.

"Bungo Stray Dogs Wan": Other cast members known

The "Bungo Stray Dogs Wan" starts with the January 2021 the comedy spin-off for the popular Shounen series "Bungo Stray Dogs". After it has already been confirmed that the main cast around Dazai and Atsushi will keep the speakers already known from the main series, the confirmation for three more followed.

So takes Hiroshi Kamiya (Yuzuru Otonashi in "Angel Beats!", Izaya Orihara in "Durarara!") Again takes on the role of the ingenious but slightly fogged detective Ranpo Edogawa.

Hiroyuki Kagura (Daichi Shiratori in »Mob Psycho 100«) appears again as the straw-headed beam man Kenji Miyazawa in front of the microphone.

Also Yuu Shimamura (Annie Leonhart in "Attack on Titan", Kaoru Mizusaki in "Aldnoah.Zero") aka Akiko Yosanu stands at the operating table again and teaches the armed detectives to fear.

"Bungo Stray Dogs Wan" tells the story of the armed detectives in a different way. In addition to all sorts of mistakes in the search for a perpetrator, the everyday madness to the surface - or a dazai in a princess dress.

Like the previous seasons, the spin-off is created in the studio BONES, which is also joined by Studio Nomad ("Rozen Maiden", "Dropkick On My Devil!"). Satonobu Kikuchi (episode director of "Vinland Saga", "Great Pretender"), Kazuyuki Fudeyasu ("Girls' Last Tour", "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime") is responsible for the scripts and the character design is by Hiromi Daimi (episode animation director for »Re: CREATORS«, »Dropkick on My Devil!«).

The Original Series Speaker take their roles here again.

Mangaka Kanaineko started the comedy spinoff on Kadokawa's Young Ace Up! Manga website in December 2015. The sixth anthology was published in Japan in December 2019. Whether the manga too in this country will appear, is still written in the stars.

The original anime about the gunmen and their fight against crime is based on the Manga "Bungo Stray Dogs" by Asagiri Kafka and Sango Harukawa and has so far made three anime seasons and one film, all of which are available on Crunchyroll or can be purchased from KSM with German dubbing on Blu-ray and DVD.

Those who prefer to read can access the Manga of which 17 of the 18 volumes previously published in Japan have already been published in German.

"Dr. STONE «-Mangaka draws short manga

The 47th edition of Kodansha's Weeky Young Jump announced on Saturday that “Dr. STONE «-Mangaka BOICHI will start a new short manga that will span two issues. It bears the title »Kare wa Soko ni Ita« and starts on October 26, 2020 in said magazine.

»Kare wa Soko ni Ita« is set in a distant future and tells about one Truckerswho has a grave secret with him.

"Dr. STONE « from the pen of Riichirou Inagaki and BOICHI started the Weekly Shounen Jump in March 2017 and currently has 18 volumes. In this country the series was licensed by Carlsen Manga and so far eight volumes have been published in German. The Stone Age manga can also be read digitally in English at MANGA Plus. Those who prefer to see the whole thing animated can watch the first season of the series in German and Japanese dubbing on Crunchyroll, before it will also be released on Blu-ray and DVD in spring 2021. Season two, which bears the additional title "Stone Wars", starts in January.

In addition to »Dr. STONE «, BOICHI also drew a short spin-off with the title last year "Dr. Stone reboot: Byakuya " and previously published the manga "Sun-Ken Rock", "Trigun: Multiple Bullets" and "Origin". With “One Piece: Ace Story” he is also contributing the manga adaptation of Shou Hinata's “One Piece: Ace Story” novels.

Whether BOICHI’s latest work too available in this country will be revealed at a later date.

Tower of God Manhwa continues

For more than a month, fans of the Manhwa "Tower of God" had to worry about the continuation of their beloved story after the artist SIU withdrew from the drawing table due to personal problems. But now he finally reports back and promises to finish his work Mid-November 2020 to continue. More details will follow at a later date.

The story of "Tower of God" revolves around Bam - a boy for whom social interaction was never an important thing in life. The only person close to his heart is Rachel - a girl who is now the secret of onelegendary tower want to ventilate.
In order to be able to stay by Rachel's side, Bam joins the blood-curdling journey and enters the structure that numerous curiosities call her home ...

The story published as Webtoon since July 2010 is currently counting485 chaptersand continued weekly before her break. The English version is available free of charge around 14 hours after the Korean chapters.

The series also spawned one Anime, which emerged as a cooperation between Crunchyroll and Webtoon. The series was produced under the direction of Takashi Sano ("Sengoku Basara: End of Judgment", "Transformers: Energon") at Studio Telecom Animation Film ("Orange", "We Rent Tsukumogami") and was released worldwide exclusively by Crunchyroll.

Source: SIU's blog

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