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Puzzle page 195


Created by Mrs. Hauptmann



1.What is the capital of Slovenia called?



2.What is the name of the most populous city in Schleswig-Holstein?



3.Where does the Elbe flow to?



4. In which fairy tale does the following term appear: grandmother?



5. In which fairy tale does the following term appear: hazel bush?



6. What is the hardest substance in the body?



7. How many muscles does the human body contain?



8. In which years did Theodor Heuss hold this office as the first Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany?



9. Who said, "It is only a small step for man, but a big step for mankind"?



10.Rudi raves about his lovely girlfriend Marianne. "Do I know you? «Asks Otto. "I do not think so. «Replies Rudi. "How old is she then? «» You don't talk about the age of a lady, «says Rudi. “But you might find out for yourself. It's like this: I'm twice as old as Marianne was, when I was as old as Marianne is now. And together we are 49 years old. “With this information, Otto is not only able to find out how old Marianne is; he also knows how old Rudi is.






The teacher says: "Everyone who thinks they are an idiot, please stand up now!" Nobody gets up. After a while, the best in class gets up. Asks the teacher: "What are you doing there?" The student says, "I'm sorry to see you standing alone."


A teacher asks his student, "What do you call a man who is not married?" Student: "Single." Teacher: How do you describe a man who is married? Student: "Done!"


Fritzchen, how is it that all of your homework is suddenly correct? "" My father has gone away, teacher!


Teacher: "Please name three famous men beginning with the letter B!" Student: "Beckenbauer, Breitner, Basler." Teacher: "Have you never heard of Bach, Brahms or Beethoven?" Student: "No, I am not interested in the regional league."


Teacher: "Tim, tell me the senses that you are familiar with." - "Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense!"


"What do you call creatures that live partly in water and partly on land?" Max answers: "Bathers, Mr. Teacher!"



Joke questions


How do you get to sleep deeper?



What is five times seven?



What does an eagle owl with a speech impairment say?



Whom does everyone shake hands with?



What will happen to Anna in the rain?



Why is the cow jumping up and down?




Can you put the letters back in the right order? (Anagrams)













Crime story


Assault is followed by a duel. The shooter shoots and hits the other in the head. Nevertheless, the victim remains unharmed and is even happy. Why that?


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