How do I develop a killer instinct

Every chess player loves to attack the enemy king. The goal is clearly defined, the thinking is concrete, creativity flows and quick victory is already around the corner. There are few things in life better than successfully completing a dashing attack on the opposing king!

But how good are you actually at attacking? Have you ever carefully analyzed your performance? Did you discover arithmetic errors, missed opportunities or fruitless efforts?

After the great success of his classic chess strategy for club players, Herman Grooten has now written an equally easily accessible follow-up volume on attack chess. He explains to you how to seize opportunities, exploit weaknesses, bring your strength to the front and strike at the right moment.

Grooten focuses on training the mental skills that are most important for this process: visualizing, structuring, anticipating, calculating and remembering. This is not just another collection of useful and thematic traits and motifs, but a comprehensive and highly structured course in attack techniques. He uses fantastic new examples, clear explanations and lots of instructive tasks.

The international master Herman Grooten is a chess trainer who has almost 40 years of experience. Quite a few of his students have become grandmasters. His award-winning predecessor chess strategy for club players was a worldwide bestseller.