The shyness will eventually decrease

Overcoming Shyness: These Tips Will Help

10 tips against your shyness - how to overcome it!

Don't be so shy! You hear this sentence all the time, but you don't know exactly how to get out of your wallflower existence? Mä has tips & amp; Exercises against shyness put together that help you to be more open without turning your whole personality inside out!

Don't get ready for your shyness, because it also has some advantages: If you are more cautious, you don't run the risk of getting hurt that easily. And: Insecure people usually react more sensitively to situations and the needs of others. It's nice to be more empathetic than the rest, isn't it? Of course, you are more likely to see the disadvantages: Your shyness gets in the way with boys, at school and in the clique. So it is important to give up the wallflower existence without losing sight of your strengths of character.Said and done! We have a few tips for you to help you overcome your shyness!

1. Tip against shyness: stay relaxed and accept it

You are shy okay But if you keep telling yourself this, you block yourself and you end up becoming more and more insecure. Try to stand by your personality - then you will be more popular with guys, in your clique and in new situations. And most importantly, don't put yourself under pressure - even if it's totally stupid sometimes, but shyness isn't just a negative trait. It is a part of you and in time you will learn to deal with it and even be able to use it for your own purposes!

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2. Tip to overcome shyness: change of perspective

Do you think that other people laugh at you just because you are a little more reserved? Not correct! Imagine what you think when a cute boy blushes, doesn't know what to say, or blackouts the board. Are you laughing at him Are you shaking your head inside Probably not, you will find him rather cute and likeable that he too has small weaknesses. And that's how the others see you. So anything but a reason to be ashamed, right? And above all, always think to yourself: you are not the only one! Shyness is not a thing that only concerns you. Many suffer from it even if they don't talk about it. Most of the time, we do not even notice it to others, which in turn means that most likely nobody will notice it with you. So stay cool and don't forget that nobody is as critical of you as you are!

3rd tip to overcome shyness: speak it out!

Is your shyness getting in the way, especially when flirting? That is understandable. A very simple means often helps in such situations: the escape forwards! If you can't get a straight sentence out because of all the excitement, next time just say:"When you smile at me so sweetly, I don't even know what to say." You will be amazed how well your openness is received. You also outsmarted your shyness.

4. Tip against shyness: Use your potential

You're at a party and next to all the girls you feel almost invisible. In the middle of it stands your dream boy and is surrounded by others. How do you get to him? Don't panic: wait and see and let the girls, who always have to be the center of attention, do their show first. Meanwhile, you can quietly watch how he behaves. Does he enjoy it or does he look around for an "escape route". Because being surrounded by a pile of chickens is no longer fun for most boys after a while - and this is your chance to show him that you are different and that you have more to offer, and that you are a lot better suited to him, because mostly boys find something the loud girls get annoying at some point. You stay mysterious longer because you don't reveal everything immediately.

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5th tip to overcome shyness: Practice makes perfect

A situation that probably everyone knows: You are standing in front of the class, you are supposed to give a presentation and you are extremely excited: A fat lump sits in your throat, you have a bright red head, you are afraid of being laughed at and not being able to say a word. What now? Unfortunately, imagining others naked doesn't help at all - and to be honest, only one thing helps in such situations: practice, practice, practice. The more often you face challenges, the more confident you will become and the more you will trust yourself and your performance. The worst thing you can do is shirk every time you have a task that scares you. Just practice your next presentation in front of the mirror and try to look yourself in the eye. Or it is best to practice your presentation topics in front of someone who likes to listen to you, your ABF or your pet. You can also speak something into your cell phone and listen to it afterwards. This not only helps against shyness, it also makes it easier for you to memorize something.

6. Tip to overcome shyness: Have something ready for emergency situations

Blackout in front of the class - totally embarrassing, right? First smile and breathe deeply in and out! That'll buy you time. Or have a few sentences ready, such as: "Does anyone have a question so far?"Or"Just a moment, I'll have it in a moment.“As already mentioned, others feel the same way and you don't find it so bad yourself.

7. Tip against shyness: Try something new more often

It's okay to be shy, but you shouldn't let the chance of challenges, new friends and great experiences be taken away from you. What exactly can you do? Approach other people even if you have to force yourself in the beginning. For example, ask a complete stranger for directions, call an information hotline or exchange a shopping mistake. Or approach new people while doing sports or maybe even in a theater group: This way you will definitely get ahead and you will automatically practice dealing with shyness, because you are always confronted with new situations. The more often you just jump into the cold water, the safer you get!

8. Tip to overcome shyness: Pay attention to your body language

Your body language is very important in how you appear to others. So always stand straight and try not to cross your arms. With this you arouse the feeling of having a lot of self-confidence and being open and that also rubs off your feelings. The more open and self-confident you are, the better and more self-confident you usually feel. And even if it's difficult - speak loudly and clearly otherwise you may even have to repeat yourself at the end.

9. Tip against shyness: laugh about it

The best tip against shyness is not only to relax, but also to just laugh at it. Because shyness is not that bad. If you blush or get stuck, just think that it has happened to completely different people and laugh! Just laugh away your shyness and don't weigh every word, rash or every situation on the gold scales. By the end of the day, you'll already have forgotten about the situation.

10. Tip to overcome shyness: Don't think too much about your shyness

This is the most important tip against your shyness. Even if you are shy, constantly thinking about your shyness will not get you anywhere. Plus, it's really just a waste of time: Your friends like you for who you are anyway - so you can actually be relaxed. And that's exactly how you can score points with new friends. You are only driving yourself completely crazy if you think about your shyness all the time. The less you think about it, the less it will affect you. And stop comparing yourself with others! The more you compare yourself to others, the worse you find yourself. So try to focus on yourself rather than referring to others and just let things come to you.