How much life can the earth support

Philanthropy comes from people and partnerships

Thanks to supporters like you, the WWF is one of the most influential nature and environmental organizations in the world.

You play a very important role in this: thanks to your vision and your financial help, we are getting closer to our goal of stopping climate change, preserving biological diversity and leaving future generations a planet worth living in. It is more urgent than ever.

We cordially invite you to join the circle of committed partners in order to achieve great things together.

We look forward to your ideas and wishes. Contact us!

Discover the many ways to get involved in philanthropy:

Become a Global Protector

As a Global Protector, you make an outstanding contribution to the diversity of our ...

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Living Planet Club

Let's join forces in the WWF Living Planet Club for climate protection, oceans, wild animals, ...

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Individual commitment

Do you love nature? We are curious to find out what you are committed to ...

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The WWF provides information about wills, living wills, power of attorney, FriedWald and ...

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Establish a foundation

Environmentally conscious people can register easily and free of charge in the WWF Foundation Center for ...

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