How important is the community to you


The community "Prepare the way of the Lord"

originated at a time in the early 1980s when communities were forming within the charismatic renewal world-wide. In this respect we are "nothing special". Since we experience that it is particularly difficult for married couples and families to be Christians without support, we see our main task in strengthening one another in our faith. Since we mainly consist of families with their growing children, we find it particularly important to have good and happy experiences in faith with them.

It is perhaps worth mentioning about our origins that the main impulses for founding young people (who are now all around 40) came from other communities such as "Emmanuel" came to France. In addition, some members had contact with evangelical free church congregations (a Mennonite congregation in Neuburg / Donau and a Baptist congregation in Dormagen) and were impressed by the "love of siblings" in these congregations.

The name “Prepare the way of the Lord” and the direction were not there from the beginning, but were given to several people independently of one another. The acronym AVE not only includes the three focal points

How do we live the whole thing in practice?

There is a monthly exchange evening for adults. There is still a weekly prayer group in one place. There is a community gathering with families and singles on one Sunday a month, which begins with a mass. After a joint soup, the actual program begins with praise: songs, clapping, movement, dance, etc. but also testimony of what we have experienced with the Lord. Then there is adoration for the adults. In the children's groups, which are graded according to age, the topic of the day is dealt with in a playful and creative way. The adults exchange ideas about an impulse, the topic of which is prepared by a member. The basis here is the faith that is lived on the foundation of the Bible within the Church. The exchange takes place in different ways in small groups. In the plenary, the whole thing is presented to the group again. Here the children's groups can also show what they have worked on.

A buffet is put together from what you bring with you, with which the day ends with a shared coffee / dinner. Twice a year we have meetings over several days, during which we experience the community particularly intensely.

Our community is now 20 years old. Is everything well and good now? Certainly not! We keep asking ourselves how to go on.

For example, we would like someone who brings their musical talents to us and who is interested in making music with our predominantly young musicians (electric guitar, electric bass, violins, flutes, piano, keyboard). In general, we are people who are curious or who like to open up to people who are looking for a spiritual home. Certainly we will act as a deterrent to many who are looking for more contemplation and silence. The many children (around 30) make our meetings loud and happy, colorful and diverse "church services".

We always have to face new situations. We don't want to offer patent recipes for families. We can say from our own experience what is important in order to seek and walk God's ideas, God's ways:

1.Give him your life (read Rom. 8). A personal decision is important in order to be able to live together as a Christian community
2.Inquiring about God's will in personal prayer, while reading the Bible, at Mass but also in exchange (Joh. 6,32 / 33)
3.To bear witness is the commission of Jesus. It's not just important in the workplace or school. We practice giving testimony to one another and we call it "The best that we receive from God, share with one another"
4.To love the church (for me that means especially the people in it). She needs our prayer, we need your teaching and the sacraments (Col. 1:18; Mt. 16:18)