Who is your favorite top 10 YouTuber

The most successful YouTube channel

Compared to movie or rock stars, YouTubers are a relatively new phenomenon. But that does not mean that they are less celebrated. When it is announced that they are going to a city, fans besieged the hotel days in advance, waiting in line to get a selfie from their favorite videographer, and screaming when he or she just shows up on the street. YouTubers are today's stars and successful.

The most successful Youtubers in Germany

Even if in an international comparison it looks as if the German YouTubers are still at the beginning (to put it in numbers: the world's most successful YouTuber PewDiePie from Sweden currently has around 54 million subscribers) every young person in Germany knows them. A list of the currently 10 most successful YouTubers:

10) Florian Bundt aka LeFloid (approx. 3 million subscriptions), who reports on political topics from all over the world on his channel and has even interviewed the Chancellor on his channel.

9) Simon Desuse, whose real name is Joshua Wei├čleder, thrills its 3.2 million fans with blatant pranks. Born in Hamburg, he likes to bathe in different liquids such as slime, Red Bull or Nutella and prefers to fuck his girlfriend.

8) DagiBee became famous with her beauty videos. Now her 3.4 million subscribers also enjoy watching her pranks, challenges and regular vlogs. Here, viewers are up close and personal as they conquer the YouTube world.

7) ApeCrime, these are the three boys Cengiz, Andre and Jan-Christoph, who offer the around 3.5 million subscribers of their channel a lot of entertainment from music to challenges and comedy and have been delighting them since 2008.

6) Julien Bam offers one thing above all on its channel: music videos and covers in high quality and with lots of humor. He lures his approximately 3.6 million viewers in front of the computer again and again - especially because he doesn't stop at poking around with his YouTube colleagues in his videos from time to time.

5) A slightly different channel is the science channel In short - in a nutshell. Every month the 3.9 million subscribers find a high-quality video in their subscription box. Interesting topics from all possible areas of science are summarized and explained here in small cartoons.

4) Shortly before the winners' podium, there is another channel that falls out of line. Behind Kontor TV is not a private person, but the music label Kontor Records. The approx. 4.1 million subscribers don't care. You still watch the dance and house music clips diligently.

3) Bibi's Beauty Palace, Bianca Heinicke, is the most successful YouTuber in Germany. She has turned her love for beauty products into a profession and has since brought her own products onto the market. The 4.5 million followers thank her and often buy the drugstores radically empty shortly after the products are released. In the meantime Bibi has also entered the music business.

2) Gronkh became famous with "Let's Play". Even if he is a bit older than the rest of the YouTubers, his around 4.6 million subscribers like to watch him test video games and complete difficult missions.

1) How could it be otherwise, the most successful German YouTube channel has to do with football. freekickerz made it to the top with around 5.3 million subscribers. This is probably due, among other things, to the fact that football professionals regularly come to the channel to play football: Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, Roberto Carlos and many more have already revealed their tricks and dribbled against the makers of freekickerz.

As you can see, in Germany it is a colorful mixture of fashion, gaming and comedy channels that make up the top 10 most successful German YouTubers. In the meantime, the creators of the channels are no longer only successful on YouTube: They bring their own products onto the market, publish music or cooperate with world-famous stars - but still have their YouTube camera with them and let us participate in their successful lives.