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Regression (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Re | gres | si | on, Plural: Re | gres | si | o | nen
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ʁeɡʁɛˈsi̯oːn]
Word meaning / definition:
1) generally:Decline, regression, regression
2) Psychology: the unconscious or conscious relapse into childlike behavior patterns
3) Hypnosis: a process of looking back at one's own childhood
4) Perceptual Physiology: the return of the gaze that occurs while reading to a part of the text that has already been read
5) Epidemiology: the epidemiological decrease in disease incidence
6) Geology: the gradual retreat of a sea due to the increase in land mass
7) Software development: Occurrence of an error in a new software version
Origin of the term:
from Latinregressio to verbregredi (for "turn back" or "go back"), see also "Recourse" if necessary
Related terms:
1) decrease, regression, decline, regression, reversal, reversal
Opposite words:
1) progression
6) Ingression, transgression
Application examples:
1) “And there is a poem by him that describes evolution to man in the Regression describes the grunting animal crawling on all fours after the Darwin debate at the time had come down to beer tables and wine evenings. "
Word formations:
Regression test, regression analysis, regression curve, regression line, regression equation
Nominative: singular Regression; Plural Regressions
Genitive: singular Regression; Plural Regressions
Dative: singular Regression; Plural Regressions
Accusative: singular Regression; Plural Regressions


  • English: regression; 6) marine regression
  • French: 6) régression marine (Female)
  • Dutch: regression

Similar words (German):repression

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

Between childlike Regression and aesthetic revolution: Why young indie bands shoot their music videos with the cameras of old consoles.
TAZ, February 16, 2019

Ideological trench warfare and a pronounced inability to engage in dialogue led to the overthrow of President Manuel Zelaya ten years ago. It was the beginning of an era of democracy Regression in Latin America.
Deutsche Welle, June 28, 2019

Restitution also means Regression. This is the reparation for past violence. In the 1990s, Germany was very involved in this and set up a fund for Eastern European forced laborers.
RT German, June 23, 2019

Tails 4.9 updates the kernel to 5.7.6, but introduces a Regression at Atheros WLAN chips. Users of these chips should stay at 4.8 for the time being.
LinuxNews.de, July 29, 2020

A study shows a new facet in the cardiac spectrum of activity of dapagliflozin: The SGLT2 inhibitor in diabetes patients also promotes them Regression an existing left ventricular hypertrophy.
Doctors newspaper, July 31, 2020

But now it is leaning Regression apparently coming to an end. According to Zenith, advertisers from the beauty industry have already digged deeper into their pockets this year. And that's not supposed to be all.
Horizont.net, November 11, 2019

Even the worst works in the genre should be ashamed of this Netflix film. She is the product of Regression, Sexism and provided with values ​​that do not belong in any modern film for a long time.
Futurezone, May 22, 2020

The former Federal Minister of Finance Peer Steinbrück writes in a guest article about the corona crisis and believes that it will lead to an 'economic lows Regression”Will lead. All information in the news blog.
t-online, March 22, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Regression: Development of an inferior quality condition or a condition that has existed in the past .; Linguistics special type of word formation in which a longer word is formed from a previously existing word by abbreviation or morpheme exchange; Medicine restoration of physical condition after childbirth; Medicine stunting of an organ or muscles
  • return: of persons: sending back, for example prisoners of war, to their country of origin; the return of something; Reduction, for example, of debts, budgets; Reduction to something: inference, deduction
  • decline: the getting smaller or smaller of something, diminution, decrease
  • Regression: Movement of one leg while running in the opposite direction to the actual running direction; transmit an event or development that runs counter to the achievement of a goal
  • waste: Housekeeping, economy: the remainder left over from use or processing (also in a figurative sense); Politics, religion: the (inconspicuous) disappearance of the connection to - or the (explicit) renunciation of - a doctrine, religion, political party or direction; Terrain shape strong downward slope in the terrain profile; the decrease, the diminution of a value
  • Decrease: Change in which something becomes less / less / less; the loss of something by someone else; official acceptance of a condition after a usual check
  • Degression
  • Decrescence
  • damping: Measure or device designed to reduce, weakening of processes or developments; Technology: those resistances that allow mechanical or electrical vibrations to subside
  • loss: (through damage or material damage) total or partial loss, getting lost; that which has been completely or partially lost, lost
  • Ease up
  • decline: the getting smaller or smaller of something, diminution, decrease
  • Shrinkage: mostly gradual shrinkage; Broadcast technology: fading
  • reduction: Act of making something less or smaller; Event when something becomes less or less
  • Adaptation: adjusting to someone; Process or result of adjusting to something; Establishing a desired assignment
  • Equalization calculation
  • Adjustment
  • Adjustment calculation
  • Parameter estimation
  • falling behind
  • Relapse: unwanted change back in the direction of the worse status quo ante; Medicine, especially: the recurrence of a disease believed to be cured; Justice, in particular: another violation of the law by a criminal with a relevant criminal record
  • Return
  • Fall back

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regressive: regressive behavior Derived words: 1) Regression, regridieren Translations English: regressive French: régressif Italian: regressivo Portuguese: regressivo Spanish: regresivo Similar terms: degressiv, egressiv, repressiv

regress: "Long-term patients in hospitals, old people's homes and institutions can regress and be affected by depression, for example." Derived words: Regredierung, Regression, regressiv Translations Basque: 1) atzeraldia izan Similar terms: Regress, regret

Regression: ... origin of the term: (back) back and image- (verb) + nouning with -ung Synonyms: 1) regression degeneration 3) pregnancy regression 4) reduction, involution ...

regression: Physics: the regression b) Medicine: the intellectual regression 2) Mathematics: the regression Translations German: 1)

Anxiety aggression: ... fearful situations. "Origin of the term: determinative compound from the nouns fear and regression Examples of use: 1) The relationship emphasized by Sigmund Freud ...

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