Is Jose Mourinho overpaid?

Spanish league did not accept transfer fees

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Madrid / Paris - The news of the record transfer of the Brazilian team captain from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain was not just a shake of the head. José Mourinho, for example, does not find Neymar overpaid. "Only players who achieve a certain amount without a certain quality are expensive," said the Portuguese top coach of the English record champions Manchester United. Neymar is one of the best players in the world and also very strong from a commercial point of view. "PSG will have considered that." The consequences of the record transfer did not please Mourinho: "There will now be more players who cost 100 million. And also more players who cost 80 million, or 60 million. That is the problem."

The Spanish league, actually used to huge sums of money for footballers, believed it had to send a sign of protest. "We can confirm that the player's legal representatives contacted us to pay the sum. This was refused," said a spokesman for the French news agency AFP. In Spain, professionals have to buy from their contract by depositing the sum with the league. This then transfers the money on.

League boss Javier Tebas had already spoken of "financial doping" on Wednesday and announced resistance. "We will not accept the money of a club like PSG. This club breaks rules and laws, namely the financial fair play of UEFA and the laws of the European Union as well as the competition rules from Switzerland." At least the European football association Uefa is likely to remain inactive. For the time being, they see no break in the financial control system and will look at the details of this transfer to ensure that PSG behaves in accordance with the rules, it said from the association's headquarters in Nyon.

The rules stipulate that a club can record a maximum loss of 30 million euros within three years. 29 mainly small clubs have meanwhile been sanctioned with various measures, and three clubs have been temporarily excluded from international competition. PSG or Manchester City, which is also funded by sheik billions, have also been fined relatively high in the past.

If necessary, Neymar's advisors will accelerate the change through the world association Fifa. The fact that the French championship starts on Saturday shouldn't matter. In the opening home game against newly promoted Amiens, Unai Emery, the Basque coach of Paris Saint-Germain, will probably do without his new superstar.

Taxes, taxes, taxes

Incidentally, the French Finance Minister Gérald Darmanin is also a proponent of the Neymar transfer. "If Neymar changes to a French club, the responsible minister will of course be happy about the taxes that he will then pay in France," Darmanin told the radio station France Inter. At least the EUR 30 million annual salary that Neymar is expected to receive in Paris by 2022 - three times his previous salary - will be of interest to Darmanin.

The 25-year-old kicker should actually have a lot to pay taxes, even if not the millions he got from Qatar as the new ambassador for the 2022 World Cup in order to buy his way out at Barça. This construction is intended to undermine Uefa's financial fair play.

"I always thought that it was invented so that something like this didn't work, but obviously financial fair play is more of a suggestion than a real rule," said Jürgen Klopp. The season planning of the coach of Liverpool FC could be affected by the Neymar transfer. If the transfer millions flow, FC Barcelona could hire a replacement for Neymar. Liverpool's Brazilian Philippe Coutinho should be on the wish list as well as the French Antoine Griezmann from Atlético Madrid. (sid, lü, 3.8.2017)