Does anyone hate the programming language Smalltalk

Programming language? C ++ or C or something else?

Visual Basic 6 is well suited for beginners, but it is only recommended if you work a lot with Microsoft Office and want to make your work easier.

If you want to start low-level, C ++ is your choice. You have given full object orientation, although some possibilities of this language have their own peculiarities and appear illogical to newbies * (pointer, polymorphism, multiple inheritance, interclass relationships, overloading, templates).
[size = 85] * illogical for everyone else too, but you get used to it. [/ size]
If you do not intend to program drivers or entire operating systems, this language is far too complicated and error-prone (my opinion, error-proneness due to great freedom and power).
Learn to hate C

To start with, I think Pascal dialects like Delphi are suitable, as the language follows stricter rules and the programmer consciously limits the possibilities for quick & dirty code. There's also a RAD (you can also call it a Klickibunti).
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If necessary, you can also learn a scripting language of your choice (e.g. Python). Alternatively, you can hate these too