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Will London choose the Canadian model?

The prime minister is ready for a free trade agreement with the European Union based on the Canadian model, it said, referring to government sources that were not named in detail.

Trade barriers are in the room

Johnson speaks to entrepreneurs and ambassadors on this matter on Monday, as confirmed by a government spokeswoman for the German Press Agency in London. She did not want to comment on the exact content. However, it is certain that Johnson will present his negotiating goals for the upcoming talks with the European Union. The Telegraph recently reported that Johnson's sovereignty was more important than smooth trade. In return, he would also accept trade barriers such as tariffs.

The prime minister wants to put the cards on the table and propose a free trade agreement based on the Canada model in Brussels. The CETA trade agreement concluded between the EU and Canada in 2016 contains many trade and customs facilitations. Johnson does not want to loosen the EU standards for environmental protection, labor rights and food hygiene.

Barnier also presents plans

The EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier will also present on Monday what he wants to achieve in the talks with London. However, its exact mandate is determined by the 27 remaining EU states. After leaving the EU on Saturday night, Great Britain entered a transition phase in which almost everything remains as it was before Brexit. Both sides want to agree on rules for future relationships by the end of the year. If this does not succeed, another hard break threatens.

Critics consider the transition phase to be too short in view of the complex issues. An extension is possible, but is strictly rejected by Johnson. The negotiations between the EU and Canada on a free trade agreement had lasted for several years.

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