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Avoid typical application errors

Maybe you know that; the E cigarette was just unpacked, the tank with Liquid filled, but suddenly something is wrong. There can be several things that are mostly due to application errors, but not always. We have them for you10 Most Common E-Cigarette Problems & Mistakes While Vaping collected to you afterwards with Advice and action to be able to stand aside. From the e-cigarette that crackles when you pull it or makes gurgling noises to the lack of nicotine flash, we highlight typical application errors that can often occur with inexperienced vapers. This relates not only to technical errors, but also to physical symptoms that can occur when the electronic cigarette is used incorrectly.

The most common application errors:

  1. Not a sufficient throat hit
  2. Insufficient flash of nicotine
  3. E-cigarette does not vaporize enough
  4. The liquid runs out
  5. Liquid & e-cigarettes taste burnt
  6. The e-cigarette crackles when you draw it
  7. Gurgling & gurgling noises from the vaporizer
  8. Liquid tastes like nothing
  9. The battery does not work
  10. Sore throat after vaping

Further topics and questions about e-cigarettes


The most common physical symptoms from failure to vape

If you experience some of these symptoms while vaping, it probably has nothing to do with the e-cigarette or the liquid, but with your physical requirements or with the drawing technique. In these cases, this article will only help you to a limited extent:


Typical application errors with the e-cigarette

Let us first consider typical application errors, which are mainly due to technical problems that can be traced back to an electronic cigarette. If you can't find what you are looking for here, we also recommend our extended FAQ section for e-cigarettes. There you will also find questions about the shop and especially about the InnoCigs products, which you can order directly online. There are also many other questions about e-cigarettes & liquids that are not directly related to errors or problems, for example about correct disposal of e-cigarettes & liquids. But now back to the classic problems with electronic cigarettes.


1. Insufficient throat hit / scratch feeling

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Since the e-cigarette often functions as an alternative to the conventional cigarette, most former smokers also expect a similar scratchy sensation in the throat as with the tobacco cigarette; the so-called "throat hit". The throat hit of the e-cigarette is not always comparable to the scratching in the throat and lungs that occurs when we puff on a normal cigarette. If this effect does not occur with the electronic cigarette, it can be disappointing for the vaper. Of course, the throat hit of the e-cigarette differs from the typical pressure on the lungs and throat, which is triggered by inhaling the smoke of a tobacco cigarette, because there is no combustion and no smoke, but vapor. And the nicotine in e-liquids has a different effect than the nicotine in tobacco. An application error can therefore simply be the choice of the wrong liquid or PG / VG ratio.

In addition, nicotine, which is absorbed when vaping, is released much more slowly in the body than the nicotine, which is inhaled when smoking. First of all, keep in mind that smoking and vaping are two different things before you mourn the typical throat hit. When smoking, a combustion takes place and you inhale countless harmful combustion substances in addition to nicotine, while when vaping you naturally inhale steam that contains only a fraction of the substances, which is harmless for your health, but also feels different. The decision here is first of all up to you, what is more important to you. Incidentally, only recently discovered that not that nicotine is the biggest problemit is the waste products that are created when a cigarette is burned. This is how she spoke recently oldFederal Government for Harm Reduction from, represented by Ms. Mortler. There are also a few tricks that will soon make you barely notice the difference between vaping and smoking. Because the throat hit can be imitated and intensified with an e-cigarette if you avoid application errors.

The liquid

Liquids last the PG / VG ratio the balance between throat hit and steam development, because both are important to vapers.Propylene glycol(PG) makes your throat more scratchy, while vegetable glycerin (VG) generates more steam, which is why you should Sub ohm vaping also recommends a higher proportion of VG in the liquids used. If the throat hit is too weak, then use a liquid with more PG, if it is too strong, then pay attention to a higher VG proportion.

More tips for the throat hit:

  • Tip 1: one stronger battery or use a vaporizer that is adjustable so you can increase the voltage
  • Tip 2: Evaporator overfilled / deposits on the heating coil? Flooded evaporator lead also to the gurgling sound of the e-cigarette
  • Tip 3: Liquids with a higher percentage of PG can have a better throat hit
  • Tip 4: Use refillable e-cigarettes rather than Disposable e-cigarettes
  • Tip 5: From 35-45% PG the perceived pressure on the lungs increases (Throat hit)
  • Tip 6: Menthol liquids generally have a stronger effect on the lungs and throat than normal liquids
  • Tip 7: Try one out once Dual coil windingif you haven't already


2. Insufficient nicotine hit / flash

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The nicotine in a real tobacco cigarette is released much faster in the body than when vaping, which is also a reason for the scientific thesis that e-cigarettes are less addictive. But this circumstance can also lead to the feeling at the beginning that the liquid is too weak and the nicotine flash is missing. If the application error lies in the too low nicotine content, so the solution is very simple:Either you buy another liquid with a higher nicotine content (by the way, liquids are usually in different gradations 3, 6, 12, 16 & 18 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter offered), so that you get closer to the effect of the tobacco cigarette, or you can opt for a more powerful vaporizer, the voltage of which can be regulated with a variable number of volts (Tip:Adjustable & irregular batteries). In this way, you can also increase the nicotine surge if the weak vaporizer is the reason for the lack of "flash". However, do not reach for the higher nicotine content immediately, instead check other potential sources of error first. After the initially perceived nicotine undersupply, you will probably, like almost all former smokers, automatically reduce the nicotine content. But first we give you a few tips for the more intense nicotine flash.

Application errors are a common reason for a lack of nicotine flash. If you are new to e-cigarettes, it is possible that you will make common mistakes when vaping your e-cigarette. Most tobacco cigarette smokers take short puffs, straight into their lungs. Vapers should rather take long puffs and only inhale into the lungs after the puff. Some researchers claim that the nicotine of e-cigarettes, in contrast to the nicotine contained in tobacco cigarettes, is not absorbed by the lungs but in the airways, which would also be a reason for the lower flash, but also for the lower harmfulness to health. However, this less harmful intake of nicotine does not necessarily help to satisfy the craving for a conventional tobacco cigarette if the flash is not intense enough. So here are some tips for you too.

Before switching to a liquid with a higher nicotine content, check the following:

  • Tip 1: The battery may not be charged properly. Check that out first
  • Tip 2:Maybe a new coil is needed because the old one is flooded, or the heating coil is full of deposits
  • Tip 3: Use an adjustable battery, the voltage of which is variable, and combine it with a powerful atomizer head
  • Tip 4: Check your pull technique - pull 4 to 7 seconds before inhaling the vapor into your lungs
  • Tip 5: As with the throat hit, definitely try a multiple winding (e.g.Dual coil) to try out
  • Tip 6: If none of that helps, then “a lot helps a lot” applies at the beginning - so choose a higher nicotine dosage in the liquid

Basically, not only in the case of a lack of nicotine flashes or throat hits that the Evaporator cleaned regularly should be.


3. The e-cigarette does not produce enough vapor

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Many vapers have the feeling that their e-cigarette is not generating enough steam. Widespread application errors can be the cause here. But first of all you should be aware that the amount of steam that you often see in pictures or videos does not come from conventional e-cigarette models, but are mostly modified and finely tuned. But we would like to tell you how you can approach this amount of steam. Most of the time it is due to the fact that the battery and atomizer are simply not powerful enough. After all, the amount of steam depends, in addition to the composition of the liquid, on how much heat the liquid is evaporated at and that in turn depends on how much heat can be generated by the voltage of the battery, how the heating coil is constructed and how well it is absorbs and gives off heat. This applies to the composition of the liquid Contrary to the recommendationsthat like for the absent Nicotine flash and throat hit have made. VG ensures more steam development, which is why you should choose a liquid with more VG than PG content.

Since the disappointment is often great, especially with vaping novices, if the hoped-for amount of steam is missing due to application errors, you should contact one of them Reseller Get advice before you reach for the next best and cheapest e-cigarette model. If the vapor development only subsides over time, not from the beginning, this problem should be resolved by changing the evaporator head. But there are a few other factors.

Tips for more steam when vaping:

  • Tip 1: Check whether the liquid tank is sufficiently full
  • Tip 2: Pull long and evenly so that the liquid has enough time to evaporate
  • Tip 3:The higher the VG content in the liquid, the more steam is created
  • Tip 4:Change the head (atomizer head) regularly
  • Tip 5: Find out about thePulling technique of sub ohm vaping


4. The liquid runs out of the e-cigarette

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This is an application error that can quickly become very annoying and cause a big mess. Most of the time, the leakage of the liquid from the Clearomizer very simple reasons, namely that the individual e-cigarette components are screwed together too loosely. Another reason that can be resolved quickly is that the liquid tank has too large a capacity. But there can also be other reasons for the liquid to leak.

When liquids leak from the e-cigarette

  • Tip 1:Pull slowly & evenly, at least 3-5 secondsIf the liquid escapes from the mouthpiece or from the transition point to the battery, then there is rarely a hardware error. It is then more likely to be an application error in the train technology. Smokers are used to pulling hard on the cigarette. In the case of an electronic cigarette, this means that it is almost flooded with liquid, so that this amount cannot evaporate on the heating coil in the short time. The logical consequence is the leakage of the liquid at the mouthpiece and at the transition to the battery
  • Tip 2: If the liquid leaks from the side walls of the tank, which is very rare, it is likely a leak (production error) and the hardware must be replaced. Occasionally the sealing ring also wears out and leads to so-called "siffening" in the clearomizer tank

If necessary, escaping liquids are not liquids at all, but condensate. If the resulting vapor is not completely inhaled from the air duct of the e-cigarette, water condensate collects at the edges of the air duct until it ultimately follows the laws of gravity and flows down into the vaporization chamber. It remains there because, due to its properties, water does not evaporate like liquid, but only becomes hot. Then it's only a matter of time before it runs out of the vents. An obvious mistake in application is to mistakenly mistake the condensate for liquid.


5. E-cigarettes and liquids have a fluffy / burnt taste

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This is of course one of the most unpleasant experiences when looking forward to vaping. Finally a huge selection of flavors, from strawberry and mango to chocolate or conventional tobacco, and when you pull it first, the whole thing tastes “crispy” and burnt. What can that be?

The most common application mistake is it, if you use the e-cigarette immediately after filling the liquid tank. Let the e-cigarette stand for 10 to 15 minutesbefore you give steam. Otherwise the liquid has no chance of properly distributing itself in the vaporizer and penetrating the wick. If you don't wait, the wick, which is made of dry cotton as long as it has not been soaked in liquids, can burn when heated and this creates the burnt and charcoal taste of liquid and e-cigarette. If you can't wait, put a few drops of liquid directly on the atomizer head. But we recommend that you wait a bit.

In addition, always keep an eye on the fill level in the liquid tank, because this too has to be filled enough to achieve an optimal taste. Similar to the lack of a throat hit and the leaking liquid, a wrong pulling technique is often the problem even with bad taste. If you pull on the e-cigarette too hectically, the liquid cannot vaporize evenly and long enough on the heating coil in the head. The taste does not fully develop.

In addition, atoo little open airflow be the reason for subohm devices. The heating material is then not cooled sufficiently and the heat damages the carrier material. If the power can be regulated, it can simply be due to a wattage that is set too high.

Furthermore, the recommendation to use the atomizer head or the complete evaporator also applies if the taste is charcoal (depending on the model) to be changed regularly, because over time deposits and signs of wear and tear form here, which can impair the taste experience. How long your vaporizer and the e-cigarette will last depends on how much ohms you are vaping with and how often you use your e-cigarette. A good guideline is to replace the atomizer head a little every 3-4 weeks. If you press the activation button on your e-cigarette for a particularly long time, your head will burn out faster. It is also advisable to take a few seconds off the e-cigarette between puffs.

Tips against burnt taste

  • Tip 1: Let the liquid soak in the wick for at least five to ten minutes
  • Tip 2: A few seconds pause between trains
  • Tip 3: Do not press the fire button on the e-cigarette too long or too late (2-3 sec. before you start to pull press and 2-3 Seconds before you stop pulling, let go)
  • Tip 4: Pull slowly and evenly so that the liquid evaporates evenly
  • Tip 5: Always keep the liquid tank well filled
  • Tip 6: Complete evaporator or evaporator head (Head) change regularly (depending on the model)
  • Tip 7: Make sure that there is always enough e-liquid in the vaporizer.


6. The e-cigarette crackles when drawn

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This is a "problem" that is actually not a problem. Quite the opposite: most vapers appreciate the cozy and quiet crackling that occurs when you pull on the e-cigarette. You can hear the crackling especially when you have screwed on a new atomizer head or just bought a new e-cigarette. The crackling occurs when the liquid evaporates quickly and evenly in large quantities thanks to an extremely powerful evaporator. Newcomers to the vaping community often think that something is wrong when it crackles while vaping. But the opposite is true:Crackling that occurs when the e-cigarette is pulled is a sign of a powerful and new vaporizer.


7. Vaporizer gurgles & gurgles when vaping

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A flooded liquid tank causes many problems

Unlike crackling, gurgling and gurgling noises that occur when the vaporizer is pulled are not a sign that the e-cigarette is functioning properly and efficiently. First of all, this gurgling in the vaporizer almost always occurs when you use this or the Evaporator head flooded Has. That usually happensif you screwed in the atomizer incorrectly, i.e. too tightly or too loosely, or if you overfilled the liquid container / tankso that liquid could get into the small tube in the middle. Due to the overfilling of this so-called central tube, any liquid that flows in too large quantities into the evaporator head and the heating coil placed there cannot evaporate properly.

In this case, only cleaning the vaporizer (head) will helpand the liquid tank / clearomizer.To do this, take the vaporizer apart and rinse it with hot, not boiling water. Then let it dry for at least 24 hours. Tip:If you put the atomizer head in rice, this speeds up the drying process immensely.

An application error that many people make is to fill too much liquid into the tank. The tank of an e-cigarette should only be filled to 80% with liquid. If it is too full and the liquid expands, for example because the ambient temperature rises, it can get into the evaporator chamber and the air duct. If the e-cigarette is not used for a while, the tank should be emptied. If the liquid is in the tank for too long, it will at some point soak the cotton wool so much that it will get to all sorts of places where we don't need it. The carrier guidelines of the airlines already stipulate that the liquid is removed from the tank of the e-cigarette before air travel. This also makes sense from a technical point of view: the higher pressure means that the liquid will otherwise get into the evaporator chamber and air duct.

In rare cases, the gurgling can also be attributed to an underperforming battery, the performance of which does not heat the heating coil enough to actually vaporize adequate amounts of liquid. In this case, just buy an adjustable and more powerful battery.


8. Liquid has little to no taste

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In this case, blow the vaporizer through once, but in no case too hard, because this could force e-liquid into the windpipe in the middle of the vaporizer, so that we flood the vaporizer and create the gurgling noise when pulling it. However, you can release flavor quite well with the help of blowing. Another option would be that you participate in the "Steamer tongue" that can perhaps be compared to the odor blindness that occurs in the car or at home. You have become so used to the liquid that you can hardly taste it. In this case just that Change e-liquid.


9. Battery does not work

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If the battery does not work, there are a few things you should check first:

  1. Is the battery or the e-cigarette switched on?
  2. Is the battery charged?
  3. If the battery is not charged, is it the cable?
  4. Are the battery and vaporizer correctly connected to each other?
  5. Cleancarefully the contacts of the battery

At a manual / adjustable battery you often have toPress the activation button / the so-called "fire button" 5 timesto activate the battery. As an experienced vaper, this may seem obvious to you. However, some newbies are often unaware of this fact.

Another problem can be connection difficulties.This means that your battery may not have been properly connected to the vaporizer. Make sure the battery contacts are clean. If not, clean them very, very carefully. It is best to use cotton swabs for this not moistened should be.


10. Sore throat after vaping

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The PG in e-liquid can in some cases result in a sore throat or a dry throat. Drinking a little more water is often enough to solve this problem. However, if it is more serious and you find that you may even be allergic to propylene glycol, it is worth going into one E-liquid with a higher amount of VG to invest which is about a VG share of 70% or more.More information about the Coughing & scratching from e-cigarettes can be found in the linked article on the InnoCigs blog.


The PG intolerance

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There are some people who have problems with the PG contained in the liquid, i.e. suffer from PG intolerance. This intolerance usually manifests itself in skin irritation or coughing immediately after vaping an e-cigarette. Only a doctor can tell whether you have such an allergy. But it is relatively rare. So don't worry if you have to cough or scratch your teeth while vaping. There is also the option of PG incompatibility "Water-based glycerine [AG]"instead of PG to use.

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