How do you satisfy men in bed

What do men like in bed? We have a few ideas ...

For a long time, the persistent opinion was that men would want a partner with a dream body who was ready at all times during sex, who was willing and open to everything. Fortunately, this stereotype has now been refuted. But the question remains: what do men like in bed?

What is "good in bed" for one person may not be at all good for another, because logically men too have different tastes and preferences. But they agree on a few points. Read here what men really like in bed. Because - surprise - that doesn't have that much to do with the lousy old cliché:

1. When the woman gets her money's worth

Because of men, it would only be about their own lust! The 'orgasm gap' between men and women is still a sad reality, but actually this imbalance between orgasm shouldn't be in women and in men. Because sex is primarily about men’s sense of pleasure.
How is it actually with you? Do you get your money's worth while having sex? Do the test!

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In the "Simplified Sex" study by the polling institute TNS Healthcare, 72 percent of those questioned stated that they feel responsible for the sexual satisfaction of their partner and around two thirds even stated that their partner's pleasure played a central role in their own satisfaction plays.

2. One word: blowjob

Some women like to do it, others find it terrible. But for men, the blowjob is high on the list when it comes to their favorite sexual practices. There are men who even risk marriage and careers for a blowjob (we remember Bill Clinton). In a Forsa survey, two thirds of men said they would like more oral sex - in the passive role, of course.

So the blowjob is an issue with men and you don't have to think long about it to understand why. It's fun, he doesn't have to exert himself, he doesn't run the risk of becoming an unwanted father and he can feel like a king when the woman kneels in front of him to pamper him.

On a deeper level, however, it is also about love and acceptance. Many men perceive the blowjob as an expression of love from their partner, as oral sex is all about him. In addition, men also think to a certain extent about whether they smell good, taste good, whether their partner is having fun while they have oral sex, etc. This means that when they get a blow job, that their partner accepts them completely. And that feels indescribably good for men too.

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3. When a woman knows what she wants

Well everywhere else women value equality, only in bed do they still seem to show restraint. According to the "Simplified Sex" study, 60 percent of men would like women to take the initiative more often.

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Self-awareness seems to be the key to success even in bed. Men want a woman who also knows sexually what she wants and is not afraid to communicate it clearly. Nothing is more unattractive than a woman who lies motionless in bed, doesn't actually feel like it and only thinks about whether her partner can see her supposed problem area.

4. More is more

The sad result of a study by the German Society for Sexual Research in cooperation with researchers from City University in London has shown that half of all men surveyed are dissatisfied with the frequency of sex in their relationship. For men over 30 it was even 60 percent. Most of them gave the reason that their partner was not in the mood.

However, men often underestimate how much sex their women really want. The cliché of the woman who always has migraines is exactly that: a cliché. Of course, women also want sex, but sometimes it just doesn't work. Ladies, only clear communication helps, or you simply initiate sex more often yourself. He should be happy.

5. Wild thing

The same study also found that 69 percent of men would like more variety in bed. That brings us back to the statement from: Ladies, just take matters into your own hands. It is best not just to go to bed in the evening, but wherever you are (and if the TV is on, or has to be cooked or someone has to go to work, then it just doesn't matter).

When it comes to variety, it is not only the same position that bothers many, but the same sex in bed and always in the evening just before going to sleep.

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6. Women want to cuddle, men want to sleep ... because of!

The stubborn prejudice persists that men would only cuddle their partner for love and do not attach too much importance to it themselves. However, a study by the Kinsey Institute found that men in particular benefit from cuddling. Men who cuddle and kiss a lot with their wives are three times happier than men who do less. It is also exciting that the cuddling frequency had little influence on women.