Why is Jerry Seinfeld such an idiot

"I'm just an asshole"

Larry David once wrote television history with Jerry Seinfeld. For many, Seinfeld is still the best sitcom ever made. The comedian, screenwriter and actor is also successful with the comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm (Leave it, Larry!), The ninth season of which has now started in Germany after a six-year break. In the formally semi-documentary series, David plays an exaggerated version of himself: a filthy rich, chronically ill-tempered and neurotic Jewish TV producer from New York who ended up in sunny and superficial Los Angeles. There his troubled character emerges even more strongly in encounters with people from his environment, with which he gets on the nerves of his fellow human beings. In an interview, David reveals the reason for the late continuation of the successful series. The comedian also talks about the US politician Bernie Sanders and Nazis, with whom he has more in common than some people think.

Mr. David, your sitcom character Larry and you are still incorrigible after 15 years, right? Will that change at some point?
(laughs) No, no, that will continue to be the case. I'm just an asshole. I will remain unbearable. But good first question!

The eighth season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" ended in 2011. Why are you bringing the show back now?
Why not? You know, I'm not someone who misses things or people very much. But I missed the show and those idiots in it. So I thought: "What the heck ?!" I was also fed up with people who kept asking me whether the show would come back one day. I couldn't hear the question anymore, but I wasn't ready for the answer: "The show will never come back." So I always said, "Maybe. Who knows? Let's see! ”Now at least I'm not asked about it anymore.

Are you a person who clings to things?
No, not really. I like giving up on things. Quitting is a very satisfying thing. Have you ever said to a manager: "Well, that's it, I'll stop! Go to hell!"? Me, yes. It's great fun.

Many series have tried to copy the tone, style and characters of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Do you notice that?
Yes, I can tell very quickly when someone is doing things like me.

Do you feel flattered or are you offended?
No, I am not offended. That's what television usually does: copying. It's a redundant business.

Did you have trouble getting back into series Larry mode with the new season?
I had problems with the first take. Then I thought: “I can't do it anymore! How am I supposed to do that? ”Then I slept on it for a couple of nights and suddenly it worked. Today I have a good feeling about what we have achieved.

Your TV Larry likes to play golf in his spare time. Isn't that the wrong sport for this spirited, choleric character? Isn't Larry more of a tennis player who would like to play against someone like John McEnroe?
I don't know if you are aware of this, but the TV Larry is only half an inch away from the real Larry. And the real Larry likes to play golf in his spare time.

Suppose you are filming the very last episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" at some point: Would it be a realistic idea that Larry would be confronted all over again with all the people he played badly?
It's a Seinfeld reference. You're thinking of the Seinfeld finale ”. Shame yourself!

Are you sometimes shunned by some people out of fear?
There we go again. Why do you think people might avoid me?

What do you think? I have no idea.
No no. Unfortunately, people like you don't avoid me. I wish it was different.

Are you often frustrated by people?
Yes, for example now.

On the other hand, encounters with people should also be a source of inspiration for you.
Many assume that they feed me my ideas. But they don't. I write something down and they say, “Did I just say something? Did I give you an idea? "And I:" No, no, you haven't. Shut your mouth. No."

In the TV documentary "Finding Your Roots" last year you found out that you are related to the politician Bernie Sanders. Were you shocked?
Yes, Bernie and I are related. I swear to god I thought it was cool to find out things like that.

What attracted you to it?
It's just interesting to find out who my ancestors were. Everyone wants to know deep down where they come from. How his ancestors ticked in the centuries before him. Were you cool? Or were they freaks? We followed all the leads. I was later told that I was related to Bernie Sanders. He is said to be a distant cousin of mine. Maybe a third cousin. I do not know exactly.

Do you like Bernie Sanders?
Like is the wrong word. I love Bernie. I really love Bernie. He is my flesh and blood. Sorry Hillary!

Did you find out anything else besides the Sanders family?
Yes, there were Nazis in my family.

What was your reaction to that?
I was very happy about it. I thought there must be a causal link. That we have to have something in common. And I was surprised. Both my mother and father are Jewish. “Hello, I'm Larry and I'm a Jew. And oh yes, part of my family is Nazi and adores Adolf Hitler. That happens in the best families. «(Laughs)

You turned 70 last year. Many people take this age as an opportunity to contemplate. How do you feel about the topic?
It was a very uncomfortable experience for me. Thank you for reminding me. (laughs)

Julia Manfredi spoke to the American comedian and screenwriter. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" runs on the pay-TV channel Sky.