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  • "Satisfactory" (373 out of 500 points)

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    “... The strong Exynos processor is joined by a 21: 9 display and 128 GB of memory. Android One guarantees two major version updates and regular security patches for three years. The only problem is with the battery life, the smartphone has to be plugged in every evening. "

    • Released: October 2019
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    "Good" (72%)

    Price / offer: Very good"

    “With its One Action, Motorola is clearly aimed at users who like to be outdoors and want to create spectacular images with their camera. However, the calculation only works to a limited extent, because the results are good, but do not come close to an action cam. The phone still delivers good performance data and can also score points with the 21: 9 display. "

    • Released: September 2019
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    without final grade

    “... If you like to shoot videos with your smartphone and don't want to buy a high-end mobile phone right away, the One Action, which costs 260 euros, is well advised. ... The rest of the equipment of the One Action is solid, especially Android One including the support guarantee is a purchase argument. "

  • without final grade

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    Pro: Android One with update guarantee; expandable storage; solid camera quality; fluid performance; good value for money.
    Cons: average battery life; cheap choice of material; somewhat dark display, no OLED panel; weak speaker sound. - Summarized by our editorial team.

    • Released: January 2020
    • Test details

    "very good"

    Pro: great performance; large 6.3 inch display; good photo quality, ...
    Cons: ... but only in favorable lighting conditions; Position of the fingerprint sensor.

    - Summarized by our editorial team.

  • "Satisfactory" (373 out of 500 points)

    3rd place out of 3

    “... the camera unit houses, in addition to the main lens and a depth sensor, a third ultra-wide-angle lens that is used exclusively as an action cam. The quality of the clips (Full HD with 60 fps) is comparable to a medium-priced action cam and is okay for occasional recordings. ... But the thumb sinks when it comes to the battery life, which ... is only in the midfield. "

  • Camera: 4.27 out of 11 points

    4th place out of 5

    “In our large comparison, the Motorola One Action took an excellent picture in daylight, the much more expensive high-end group was only marginally ahead here. The Motorola smartphone lost points in the macro category in particular, and the night shot was also unimpressive. The result was too dark, too blurry. Selfies, on the other hand, become appealing with 'One Action'. "

    • Released: October 2019
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    "Satisfactory" (373 out of 500 points)

    “Plus: a strong chipset with good performance for the price range; 115 GB expandable memory or dual SIM; Update guarantee by Android One; thanks to 21: 9 format, handy design with borderless film enjoyment; good radio properties; outstanding price / performance; Ultra wide angle for video recording only.
    Minus: display is weak and gives way to pressure; short term; with IP52 only protection against water droplets. "

    • Released: September 2019
    • Test details

    "Good" (80%)

    Strengths: good endurance; contemporary design; classic headphone jack; Near Field Communication (NFC); successful performance of the triple camera; a lot of permanent storage installed.
    Weaknesses: The screen could use more contrast; tinny sound of the speakers; CPU somewhat weak; moderately processed; Plastic feel. - Summarized by our editorial team.

    • CHIP online

    • Published: August 2019
    • Test details

    "Good" (2.0)

    Pro: decent screen in 21: 9 format; long-term updates thanks to Android One; Action cam mode for video recording.
    Cons: poor photos in low light; no Qi charging function; Wide angle mode for videos only. - Summarized by our editorial team.

    • Released: September 2019
    • Test details

    4 out of 5 stars

    Pro: Android One; very good performance; easy handling of video recording.
    Cons: the format of 21: 9 is not fully supported; The camera doesn't have a wow factor. - Summarized by our editorial team.

    • Published: August 2019
    • Test details

    5 out of 5 stars


    Pros: same price as the Moto G7, but much better; beautiful screen in 21: 9 format; excellent price-performance ratio.
    Cons: Video recording and battery life could be better. - Summarized by our editorial team.

    • Published: August 2019
    • Test details

    3.8 out of 5 stars

    Pro: Screen in 21: 9 format; all-round reliable performance; unique concept with the ultra wide angle camera; excellent selfies; Selfies also as 4K video; pure Android with long update security.
    Cons: below average stamina; slow charging; Camera hole too big; Cannot still take pictures with the wide-angle camera. - Summarized by our editorial team.

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One action

An action cam in the guise of a smartphone

  1. one of the camera lenses specializes in action cam videos
  2. good selfie camera
  3. Jack connection for traditional headsets
  4. lots of internal storage
  1. Firmware update necessary: ​​videos still flicker strangely
  2. mediocre battery that cannot be replaced
  3. Dual SIM only implemented as a hybrid slot

A triple camera for video fans

The camera module in One Action (Image source:

The focus of the new Motorola One Action is clearly on the cameras. This is made clear by the front camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels and an aperture of f / 2.0, which is comparatively bright for selfie cameras, and which can also handle videos in 4K. But the real highlight is the triple camera on the back of the device, which not only offers three different recording options such as wide angle, telephoto and normal as is so often the case. Instead, a classic 12-megapixel main camera is used, which has been supplemented by a 5-megapixel depth sensor. The third lens does not add another type of viewing angle to this duo, but is rather a specialized video camera that can only shoot videos and is aimed at sports enthusiasts.
The action cams, which are currently particularly popular in outdoor sports, score with wide-angle optics, high frame rates, robustness and ease of use - and this is exactly what Motorola promises for the special camera in the new One Action. It is an ultra-wide-angle lens with a resolution of 16 megapixels, which is quite a lot for an action cam. The high resolution is used to calculate a higher image quality, because in the end the videos are still saved in the classic way in Full HD (60 fps) or 4K (30 fps). In this case, four pixels are simply added to a saved one, which is particularly useful in poor lighting conditions. You can shoot slow motion as well as time lapse or hyperlapse videos. Clever: Motorola installed the sensor for the camera horizontally - so you can record video in landscape format if you hold the phone upright with one hand!

The camera is the reason to buy, but other small details are also pleasing

Android updates guaranteed for years to come (Image source:

Apart from the special camera pairing, the Motorola One Action is more of a solid mid-range smartphone. It is powered by a Samsung Exynos 9609, which is supported by 4 GB of RAM. The 6.3-inch display comes in 21: 9 format and shows the rotated videos appropriately large, but only offers full HD resolution. At best, you can see 4K on a television or PC monitor. On the other hand, the internal memory, which is 128 GB, is positive, and a microSD card can increase it further. If you want to use it, you will unfortunately have to do without a second SIM card, as it is a so-called hybrid slot. The 3,500 mAh battery is also rather mediocre and cannot be exchanged, but it can be quickly charged via USB-C.
The Android warranty is remarkable: the Motorola One Action is guaranteed to receive all Android security updates for three years and every new Android version for two years. Since the device is shipped from the factory with Android 9.0 Pie, you can look forward to Android 10. The fact that the device still has a jack for headsets and headphones is also worthy of praise. Because the idea of ​​completely replacing the jack via USB-C often only causes problems for users: Affordable USB-C headsets are currently still in short supply - and if they do, the sound and service life are considered to be inadequate. Amazon is full of disappointed reviews. You avoid this with the One Action.

To buy? Definitely after further updates!

The Motorola One Action is very fairly priced at 260 euros. The mid-range technology is solid, the special camera and Android guarantee are nice gimmicks that are seldom found in this price range. Unfortunately, of all things, the action cam is currently not quite at the expected level. In the first tests, the image stabilizer does a good job and the images are very sharp and well lit. However, there is always talk of an annoying flicker that runs through the recordings. This is likely to be a software problem that will be eliminated with future updates. Nevertheless, it makes sense to wait a little longer with the purchase until Motorola has readjusted here. Once this has happened, we will also give you a clear recommendation to buy!

Author: Janko

Date: 22.08.2019

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