How dangerous monosodium glutamate MSG is

It was observed that the eyesight of the animals that had been given high doses of glutamate for six months decreased significantly. The animals also developed a much thinner retina than the animals in the control group, who continued to receive their usual food.

Glaucoma from glutamate?

Dr. Ohguro thinks that he has found an explanation for the glaucoma that is so widespread in East Asia. He attributes this to the fact that most Asian dishes contain a high proportion of glutamate. However, it is still unclear how high the dose of glutamate has to be for the damaging effect on the eyes to occur (1).

The discussions about glutamate are still mainly concerned with the so-called Chinese restaurant syndrome, which is associated with headaches, neck stiffness, nausea and other symptoms. It is caused by the allergic reaction to the glutamate. What is more important for the researchers, however, is what effects the substance has seen in the long term.

Fat at a young age blind in old age?

Overweight, obesity, also known as obesity, and glaucoma are consequences of taking glutamate, which fall under the heading of "long-term damage", is already promoted in children and adolescents. In the past decade, the amount of glutamate added to food has doubled. Glutamate is added in the form of hydrolyzates, such as yeast extracts. In addition, the substance is contained in granular broths and various substances for seasoning.

Parents' responsibility is required

Parents in particular have a responsibility to protect their children from food additives, if the producers of the food do not pay attention to a healthy composition of the same.

Seasoning is made by using animal or vegetable protein. This is boiled with hydrochloric acid to destroy the cell structures. This releases what is known as glutamic acid. Sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate is then added to the mixture, which also results in common salt.

This solution is now filtered and is designed to improve the taste. Liquid seasoning is colored with caramel, if the seasoning is not used in canned foods and ready-made dishes. When dried, it forms granular broth or, if fat is added, the well-known stock cubes.

Genetically modified

Since the aim in industry is always to improve profitability, the bacterial strains that were used to produce the glutamate have been modified by genetic engineering.

The well-known nutritionist Pollmer says that the patent for the use of genetic engineering in the production of glutamate was granted to the market leader called Ajinomoto as early as 1980. The reason for this was that the need for new microorganisms had increased.

These microorganisms should allow the production of the special L-glutamic acid in as large a quantity as possible. To achieve this, a hybrid plasmid was introduced into the bacilli. A special DNA fragment was inserted into this hybrid plasmid, which contained genetic information that should promote the formation of L-glutamic acid.

Take responsibility yourself

However, since no one knows to what extent genetic engineering has other effects than desired, this uncertainty arises as an additional problem in addition to the harmful effects that glutamate has been proven to have on the body. So everyone is responsible for paying attention to the composition of their food.


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