Will Europe extend the Brexit deadline?

Britain's exit : EU extends Brexit deadline

The EU ambassadors of the 27 member states excluding Great Britain have decided on a “flexible” Brexit extension until January 31, 2020. Commission President Donald Tusk announced this on Twitter. The decision was postponed on Friday because France in particular saw a need for further discussion due to the unclear situation in London.

According to information from EU circles, the decision in principle gives Great Britain several options: The country could leave on December 1 or January 1 if it first accepts the Brexit treaty negotiated with the EU. It is expected that the decision will now be confirmed in writing by the governments in the capitals, wrote Tusk. After the meeting, EU negotiator Michel Barnier was “very satisfied” with the decision.

Further texts on Brexit and Boris Johnson:

In a political declaration, the EU also wants to call on Great Britain to appoint its own EU commissioner for the transition phase. The 27 member states are ruling out renegotiation of the Brexit agreement.

According to the previous status, the EU membership of Great Britain would have ended in a disorderly manner on October 31. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed to get the exit agreement negotiated with Brussels through parliament.

If the EU ambassadors agree to postpone the Brexit date by up to three months until the end of January, the decision in principle would have to be confirmed in a written procedure between the capitals. An unregulated Brexit without an agreement after October 31 would then be averted.

At the weekend there were intensive consultations at EU level. Among other things, French President Emmanuel Macron held a phone call with Johnson on Sunday. France in particular had previously spoken out in favor of a shorter extension of just a few weeks. Paris wanted to prevent Brexit from crippling the EU for a longer period of time.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will also vote on a new election on December 12th on Monday. He currently has no majority in parliament and has to fight for every vote in the dispute over Britain's exit from the EU. (AFP, dpa)

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