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Sahra Saeeda is in her 40s and travels around a lot.
He traveled around a lot and was married a total of four times.
Well, he was going on a long, drawn-out trip out of town, so to speak traveled around a lotand she was more or less waiting for him at home.
Well, he sort of took a long, extended trip out of town and traveled around quite a bit, and she sort of waited home for him.
You travel around and take photos like a tourist.
It's like being a tourist on an endless vacation.
You travel around, you see all these terrible things happen.
You travel, you see all these horrible things happening.
The hours are good and you are your own boss and you travels around a lot and you ... you meet interesting people.
The hours are good, and you're your own boss and you travel a lot and you get to meet interesting people.
You travel around, you see all these terrible things happen. "
You travel, you see all these horrible things happening. "
He traveled around and sold chochkes. 50 miles a day by wagon.
Hey traveled all over the south selling tchotchkers out of a wagon because nobody else wanted the job of taking a wagon 50 miles a day.
your travels around like a pack of drunk monkeys.
Then he took that amount of 45 spaghetti sauces and traveled around.
And then he took this whole raft of 45 spaghetti sauces, and he went on the road.
I traveled also professionally a lot around, to Germany and the Netherlands, for example.
I. traveled a lot on business, to Germany and the Netherlands for example.
I traveled around, went to New York, won first place ...
From New Zealand I flew to Australia and traveled around, after that I visited Southeast Asia.
Following that I went traveling in Australia and South East Asia.
Man travels around, chooses the most beautiful things and shows them to the readers.
You travel around, look for the nicest things and show them to readers.
I got another letter from Joel in Australia, Joel travels There a lot around and he sends me postcards from all these beautiful places.
There was another letter sent to me from Australia by Joel. Joel travels around a lot over there and he sends me post cards from all these beautiful places.
One day we wanted to open a restaurant, so traveled we around and came here.
Then one day we decided to set up a restaurant, so we traveled around and we came here.
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