Who are the all-white Caucasians

Are you ready for the Caucasian Ovcharka?

Are you ready to put up a two meter high fence around your property? Would you like to seal yourself off from your neighbors? And would you like to be woken up by a loud, powerful bark at night because a person or just a hedgehog has walked past your property? If you cannot answer these questions with a resounding “yes”, then perhaps you should refrain from buying a Caucasian Shepherd Dog. It may sound like an exaggeration, but the fact is, this pedigree dog is not a dog that a dog lover should bring into their home "just like that". It takes a lot of courage, know-how and strength of character to keep and train this impressive dog personality.

Even if the Caucasian puppy looks so cute and cuddly, it will soon reach a stately size and be superior to you in terms of strength. In the future, neighbors or friends will not just drop by, because even well-socialized and well-behaved cheeses will remain suspicious of strangers for a lifetime. He doesn't like to be touched and should therefore never be petted by your friends. The Kaukase is not a dog that simply adapts to your life and that you can easily take with you wherever you go. You have to be ready to change your life for your dog. Only those who fully engage with their nature as a guard dog, allow them the freedoms and tasks that their nature requires and approach them with loving consistency and sovereignty will have many years of joy with this dog and gain a reliable partner at their side.