How has religion changed over the years

Religion: How has your belief changed over the years?

"Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest and bless what you have given us." This grace of grace was a natural part of lunch for many in childhood and adolescence. Religion accompanies many through their formative years: from religious instruction to regularly attending Sunday mass with the family to membership in the youth group and supplementing pocket money with the ministries. This option has also been open to girls since 1992, who today make up 54 percent of the 45,000 acolytes in Austria.

For some, the interest in the church ceases at some point, the faith is questioned and disappears completely over time or after specific incidents. This is how these users describe their estrangement from the church:

Beloved tradition and rituals?

Others have faith and certain rituals for a lifetime. To pause briefly in a church during a stressful time and light a candle, to go to confession from time to time, to feel the community in the parish, to fast, to have the palm tree blessed or to have the blessing CMB affixed to the door frame gives you security and Force. Just like this user, for whom leaving the church is not an option:

Lived tradition and a "principle of belief" bind this user to the church:

Are you religious?

What role does religion play in your life? Has the status changed over the years? Which rituals still have a place in your everyday life today? What do you pass on to your children? Share your experiences in the forum! (aan, March 27, 2018)