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The hairdressers have to. But only for us. Because other rules seem to apply to professional footballers - as the Association of German Hairdressers complains. For the star hairdresser of the stars - Igor Naibach - this is an embarrassing debate of envy. He knows: Without their hair beautiful, competitive athletes cannot perform as well as they are used to.

From: Roderich Fabian

Status: 01/13/2021

It was long gone, but a few months ago it reappeared: The former Internet millionaire Igor Naibach has found a new field of activity: He cuts celebrities' hair.

"Most celebrities like to be served by someone who is something like a celebrity himself. And with me there is full service: house call, all hip care products on your pocket, good conversation with a nice lattay included - then you like to pay a little more, that's not an issue. "

- Prommi hairdresser Igor Naibach

Why footballer's hair needs special care

Igor Naibach's services are, for example, used by Kevin Kampl, midfield star of Rasenball Leipzig. The mohawk by choice, Kampl, thinks he needs regular hair care simply to compensate for the stressful everyday life.

"Others play golf in their free time and do other things and I, I just ... yes ... I like to go to the hairdresser a lot. It's just a bit of relaxation and switching off from football and everything else."

- Kevin Kampl

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With Kevin Kampl at the hairdresser's: Between highlights and the UEFA Europa League

The corona rules only apply to the mob

But - hand on heart - is the relaxation factor alone enough so that star hairdresser Igor Naibach and his customers can simply bypass the corona rules? Naibach remains relaxed. He sees it like this:

"Cutting hair isn't a cosmetic for me! It's more of a medical service. What do you think what happens when you let a player who has not had his hair for weeks in front of the cameras. He feels totally miserable. He knows what he makes a pathetic impression. How is he supposed to achieve top performance! No, no! Somebody has to do it like me. It's all about mental hygiene. "

- Celebrity hairdresser Igor Naibach

Champions League winner Joshua Kimmich can only confirm Igor Naibach's words. Only after a really well-groomed haircut by a professional does the FC Bayern star appear in top form.

"That gives you a little bit of faith in your own strength and I think that it also creates a spirit."

- Joshua Kimmich

And it depends on the spirit. Why is professional football even allowed to take place again - in the middle of the pandemic? Because it lifts the mood of the fans. People who have to do without drinking, beating and rioting together need the best coiffed heroes on the lawn. But there is something else that makes professional hairdressing work unavoidable for kickers, Igor Naibach knows.

"The players are under tremendous competitive pressure. Of course, people like Mario Gomez have an advantage, who simply married a hairdresser and now in Corona times EVERY TIME in their own household on such services Should I then say to Marco Reus: 'Would it be a bicycle chain?' Hardly! There are simply more important things than distance rules. "

- Celebrity hairdresser Igor Naibach

The BVB star and national player Marco Reus was only able to return to the old form thanks to the skills of Igor Naibach. Only: To have your hair even more beautiful than Mario Gomez, you need professional support.

"Of course I try to get the best out of myself. I think we all know that Mario has a nice hairstyle too, but nothing beats my hairstyle."

- Marco Reus

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Marco Reus causes laughter at the DFB press conference

And here's another tip for people for whom the services of hairdressing genius Igor Naibach - 1200 Öcken an hour - should be too expensive. There are several tutorials on YouTube on the subject of "Marco Reus Hairstyle" - at least shaving your own neck with hedge trimmers shouldn't be a problem afterwards.