Where can I buy contact lenses

Where can I buy contact lenses? There are also colored contact lenses here

Do you like to play volleyball in the sand, want to dive through the oceans or put on 3D glasses in the cinema? These and many other activities are easier to do with contact lenses than with glasses. In some professions, too, it is more advantageous to wear contact lenses instead of glasses. For example, if you work as a cook, your glasses may fog up more often. But where can you buy contact lenses?

Contact lenses - soft & dimensionally stable lenses

There are basically two different types: Soft and dimensionally stable contact lenses. Soft lenses can be deformed in all directions and are mostly in diameter greater than the dimensionally stable lenses. The soft lenses adapt well to the eye so that you can hardly feel the contact lens when you wear it.

Dimensionally stable lenses, on the other hand, are something harder and also smaller. You have a good one Oxygen permeability and can be worn for up to 2 years, depending on use.

If you are not sure which lenses are better for you and, above all, which ones Strength he needs, he should go to the optician and have this clarified. Whether at Fielmann, Apollo, Optiker Bode or another: at an optician are trained professionals and can give you the best advice.

You can buy contact lenses from these dealers

As mentioned above, the first point of contact should be the optician, but there are also contact lenses and the respective accessories such as contact lens fluid or contact lens cases to be bought in drugstores. For example, at all of the retailers listed there is Daytime and Monthly lenses and also usually at the optician's 14-day lenses. At the drugstore chain dm, for example, you will find contact lenses up to -6.00 diopters, in order to find the right strength, you should clarify which you need in advance with the optician.

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Colored contact lenses: You can buy them here

Whether for a theme party, on Halloween or for carnival: Coloured contact lenses are a real eye catcher. There are both with and without starch to buy and can be found in several stores, especially in the period before Halloween. No matter what color you have in mind, the range is usually enormous. Anyone who needs colored contact lenses with prescription should also go to the optician here, because then you can be sure to buy an optimal product. Nevertheless, the colored lenses can also be found at other retailers.

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