Online accounting software What is important

Online accounting: four cloud providers put to the test

Freelancers and the self-employed are constantly energized. There is often little time left for bookkeeping and paperwork. Commercial cloud solutions reduce the administrative effort: with a simple user concept and flexible mobile solutions. Customer data and business figures are available via the Internet wherever online access is available. You don't have to worry about backups and data protection, just like about complicated network installations. We took a closer look at four of the most popular solutions.

Test procedure

In most small businesses, accounting is done on the side. Accounting software should therefore work securely and be easy to use. Cloud services that move close to the receipt, provide input assistance and achieve a high level of automation collect plus points. Legal certainty is also important. The legal requirements must be complied with and correct invoice forms must be provided. A mobile app for calling up customer data on the go or entering new orders is now standard. We paid special attention to digital archiving of receipts. In order to guarantee long-term investment security, it should be possible to flexibly expand or supplement the solutions.

For self-employed, freelancers and small businesses

Online accounting software is very suitable for start-ups, lone fighters and small businesses. No installation, mobile access and a level of security that can hardly be achieved in your own four walls for cost reasons alone. For start-ups, lone fighters and small businesses, commercial cloud solutions are a real alternative to classic software. The monthly rental costs can be justified because commercial software has a very limited life expectancy anyway due to the annual tax changes. Classic software packages, on the other hand, make sense if a higher range of functions is required in individual areas, such as merchandise management.

Anticipated test conclusion

LexOffice convinces with informative evaluations, understandable user guidance and useful input aids. Growth-oriented companies in which double-entry bookkeeping is already foreseeable, on the other hand, are well served with Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

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