What is the HR Competitive Advantage

HR management as a competitive advantage

Bringing employee skills, company interests and economic requirements under one roof - that is the objective of an approach that is understood under strategic HR management. This is not always easy, because on the one hand the resource employees should be kept economically efficient, on the other hand this group must also be able to react to changes in the market. The interface at which the threads optimally converge and are interwoven in a sustainable manner lies in the operational area in human resources and with the HR manager.

Further training is the basis for success

In order for the "strategic HR management" model to work, further training is essential for the employees responsible for human resources, as well as for company management and department heads. Knowing how to professionally qualify the most diverse groups of employees, how to motivate them personally and how to lead them is increasingly becoming a core competence of HR managers. You have to be able to act in such a way that each individual segment is able to efficiently meet the requirements that a company is facing as a result of increasing globalization, economic demands on competitiveness and growth.

Strategy development in HR management

For those responsible in HR management, this means developing effective strategies, programs and processes. It means combining the primary corporate strategy with the strategy for functional areas or, for example, the HR strategy for regional mergers in management through a precisely planned procedure. A common denominator must be found for the competence profiles of the employees so that the architecture of the concept becomes sustainable. All measures to be taken and organizational changes should also be implemented immediately if necessary.

Decision makers on the way to success

Delegating this important task requires a lot of trust from management. However, it is always ideal if HR management is at least included in the planning of the strategies, if not even allowed and able to draw in a leading role. A free hand in decision-making also requires that the people in charge have the knowledge of creating and implementing all relevant HR methods at the middle management level. Not only the competence of the employees, who act and be managed as human resources, must be secured, but equally the skills of those who will be responsible for HR management in the future.

Strategic HR management from the ground up

To achieve this goal, it is worth taking part in seminars and training courses that teach modern methods in HR management. In practical teaching units, the various strategic paths are backlit, methods are developed and instruments are shown. This applies both to work in the HR area, as it is to be defined as a corporate goal, as well as the development of a concept that is individually tailored to the respective company. Company owners who consistently rely on the opportunity to develop their employees' skills in all areas can only win. For employees in HR management and human resources, the increase in knowledge pays off in several ways: their own position is consolidated, the corporate goal moves closer through personal commitment, and, last but not least, the implementation of the skills acquired in everyday working life gives satisfaction and lasting success.

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