What is the history of East Asia

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Introduction to the history of East Asia

3rd revised edition 2009 • ISBN 978-3-89129-982-1
256 p., Kt. · Numerous images • EUR 21, -

ERGA. Erfurt series on the history of Asia (vol. 1)

Asia's historical development represents the oldest and most important alternative to the history of the European world. Its peculiarities, their connections and their significance for the present are the focus of this series. The history of East Asia is given special consideration.

This volume deals with the basics of the history of East Asia in ten epochs from the beginnings to the present. The cultural togetherness of this world region is the starting point for a transnational presentation of the developments in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. This perspective emphasizes the similarities and at the same time opens our eyes to national historical features.

The author, born in 1961, has been the chair of Japanese Studies at the Department of Japanese Studies and Korean Studies at the University of Bonn since April 1, 2008.

Pronunciation according to TEAL rules
What does East Asian history mean?
Periodization of East Asian History
Basic forms of East Asian historiography
A small regional study of East Asia
1st period (before 221 BC): Early local cultures, city-states, and priesthood
2nd period (221 BC - 221 AD): Early classical China as a universalist monarchy
3rd period (221 - approx. 650): Small empires and East Asian migrations
4th period (approx. 650 - approx. 900): Late Classical China as the center and model of East Asian empire building
5th period (approx. 900 - approx. 1270): Decentralization of the Chinese empire and rise of the peripheral empires
6th period (approx. 1270 - approx. 1370): The Mongol crisis
7th period (approx. 1370 - approx. 1640): The reorganization of East Asia
8th period (approx. 1640 - approx. 1840): Early modern East Asia
9th period (approx. 1840 - approx. 1895): The deconstruction of East Asia
10th Period (1895-1989): The East Asian Civil War
Epilogue: On the Way to Reconstructing East Asia?
A selection of further literature
Conversion from TEAL to national transcriptions