Which technology does SeamlessWeb run on?

SeamlessWeb: Android app for ordering groceries online


SeamlessWeb is one of the most user-friendly apps when it comes to ordering groceries online. Start by finding restaurants that can be based on your location or interests. The app shows a list of restaurants that are open and taking orders. Add items to your bag and add any special instructions that you want to mention. When you're done, pay with your securely stored credit card information and wait for your order to show up at your door.

You also have access to a panic button that you can use to call the restaurant in case your order doesn't show up at the expected time. The app currently allows you to order groceries in 26 different US cities. If you ever want to reorder something, you'll be surprised how easy it is with SeamlessWeb. The app even lets you enter promo codes for the restaurants.


  • Order food on your Android phone.
  • Find restaurants nearby or based on a specific location.
  • Works in 26 different US cities.
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Download SeamlessWeb from www.seamlessweb.com/android/default.html