Who are Muslim Rajputs in Pakistan

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We Muslims are forbidden to touch alcohol.Muslims it is forbidden to touch alcohol.Judy and the Gunrunners (1966)Your holy book Koran which has been embraced by the Muslims and read for centuries, is a book that told one by one about the world, the space, ... and the phases which will be faced by the human civilization and all living, non -living creatures ever existed since the creation of the world and who will exist till doomsday.The holy book Quran, summarized by the Muslims and read for centuries ... is a book that tells of the world and space ... and the stages that civilization still lies ahead of all creatures that have ever existed from the creation of the world to the day of judgment.Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam (1982)Right, it's good for Muslim prayers.Right, that's good for them Muslims to pray.Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1996)But last week, we had a major confrontation between the Muslims and the Aryans ...Last week we had a huge argument between them Muslims and the AryansOut o 'Time (1999)He may no longer appear in temple, pray or teach ... or have any conversation with any Muslim whatsoever.He is no longer allowed to appear in the temple, pray or teach ... or other conversations with others MuslimsAli (2001)Listen up, I'm not gonna take any shit from the Aryans or the Muslims.Listen, I'm not going to get anything from the Aryans or Muslims put up with.Visitation (2002)And ... a peace conference at the Hamilton cultural center. There'll be speeches by Arab moderate and a congressman. That's the one.And a peace conference at the Hamilton Cultural Center with speeches from moderates Muslims and a deputy - that's it.The Man in the SUV (2005)I believe in the Muslim way.I keep it up with the MuslimsJust Another Love Story (2007)When the original host family learned that a Pakistani Muslim was coming, they were understandably concerned.When the real host family found out that they were a Pakistani Muslims they were understandably concerned.Pilot (2007)That boy's turning Justin into a Muslim, get home now.This boy changes Justin into one Muslims, Come back home.Pilot (2007)Muslim have to help Muslim.Muslims must Muslims help.The Kite Runner (2007)The war raged between Christians and Muslims in a battle over the city that was sacred to them all:The war for the place that was sacred to them all raged between Christians and MuslimsArn: The Knight Templar (2007)You are in the desert with some muslims?You're in the desert with a couple MuslimsIt's a Wonderful Lie (2007)Hugh, you still with the muslims?Hugh, you're still with them MuslimsIt's a Wonderful Lie (2007)Let's take out a bunch of Muslims because they're the real enemy.Let's take a number of Muslims because they are the real enemy.Four Lions (2010)I just found out I'm adopted by muslims.I found out that I was from Muslims was adopted.The Infidel (2010)All I need to be happy and content Is to know that I'm among muslims.I'm already satisfied when I know I'm under MuslimsThe Infidel (2010)But ... This western idea Of the "moderate muslim" ...But the idea that the West of "moderate" Muslims Has,The Infidel (2010)By muslims.Of MuslimsThe Infidel (2010)I was adopted ...I was adopted. Of MuslimsThe Infidel (2010)She is, Your Honor, discussing Alderman Wade's relationship with Muslims.- Yes, your honor. She talks about it on the city council's relationship MuslimsOn Tap (2010)The Christian woman thought you'd find it on the Muslim. Real nice!You would with Muslims find, thought the Christian woman.Cooperative Calligraphy (2010)How about I sell the hash and you get passports from the radical Muslims?How about if I sell the hash and you pass the radicals Muslims worried?Dearborn-Again (2010)He joined a group to try and, like, talk to the Muslims.He joined a group to try and work with the Muslims to talk.Wayward Sons (2010)To talk to the Muslims? Yeah- To with the Muslims to talk?Wayward Sons (2010)Before some liberal pricks elected a Muslim who isn't even American?Before any liberal asses Muslims have chosen ... who is not even American?Casey Casden (2011)A small altercation Wardeh has degenerated to in religious clash between Christians and Muslims, in which arms were used by both sides,A minor dispute in Wardeh is into a conflict between Christians and Muslims degenerated, with both sides using handguns.Where Do We Go Now? (2011)Between Christians and Muslims ... ...... between Christians and Muslims... Where Do We Go Now? (2011)You showed us the path to glory with your holy words, o Prophet.With these blessed words, you have all of us Muslims, paved the way to holy war, my prophet.Conquest 1453 (2012)To all who believed in our cause - Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians in Jerusalem and AI-Aqsa - we affirm once again that non-Muslims have no rights whatsoever, not even to a rock of Jerusalem and AI-Aqsa, especially the Jews.To everyone who believes in our cause, I say, to everyone Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians in Jerusalem and in Al-Aqsa that we reiterate that notmuslims to have no rights, not to a single stone in Jerusalem or from Al-Aqsa.The Attack (2012)... solve the stalemate between Israel and Palestine, that success will trickle down to a hundred other diplomatic dilemmas between Muslims, Jews, Christians ...... Resolving the stalemate between Israel and Palestine will succeed in a hundred other diplomatic dilemmas between Muslims, Jews and Christians seep ...Chapter 2 (2013)It was obvious that he was an immensely popular preacher with a large following among young English-speaking Muslims around the world.Obviously he was a popular preacher with many followers among the young Muslims around the world.Dirty Wars (2013)Grandpa, what would you have done she was marrying, say, a Muslim guy?Grandpa, what would you do if she had a Muslims get married?Loss of Faith (2013)The emo Muslim?The emo-MuslimsA Fistful of Meg (2013)In a country with a 99% Muslim population, don't the people deserve men of God who are cultivated, neat, whose very presence is reassuring?"Deserves the people of a country with 99% Muslims not a well-trained clergyman who is cultured and neat, and whose appearance inspires confidence?Winter Sleep (2014)Except, a Kike and a Chink horning in on the Muslims' business?But a Jew and a Chinese take that Muslims your business gone?Serial (Bad) Weddings (2014)You cause harm to Islam and the Muslims.You harm Islam and them MuslimsTimbuktu (2014)Perhaps amongst Muslims and Rajputs.Maybe under Muslims and Rajputs.Bajirao Mastani (2015)Yeah, but she don't talk to Muslims, she don't talk to Catholics, she don't talk to atheists, basically the whole block, so ...Yes, but she doesn’t join the conversation Muslims, Catholics and atheists. So with no one in the block.The Last Supper (2015)That's Muslims.That is at Muslims so.Samson and Delilah (2016)Pakistani kids, North African, any type of Muslim ...Pakistani children, North African, all kinds of Muslims... Samson and Delilah (2016)"Our country is guilty of illegal aggression and mass murder against Muslims."Our country has been charged with ... illegal aggression and mass murder Muslims made guilty.Chapter 51 (2016)Deplorable as this situation is, we cannot blame Islam as a whole or the millions of Muslims in our nation who yearn for peace, who contribute to our society, who have the same dreams as all Americans do.LIVE BROADCAST IBRAHIM HALABI As deplorable as the situation is, Islam is not the culprit. And not even the millions of Muslims in our country ... who long for peace ... who are involved in our society ... who have the same dreams as all Americans.Chapter 51 (2016)And this was back in 2002 when the INS was deporting Muslims by the thousands.That was in 2002 when the INS saw thousands of Muslims has deported.Fair Game (2016)There's been no new reports of Muslims being harassed, - but I'll monitor it.No more reports of harassment from MuslimsThe Confession (2016)I don't know if you know this, but I have the largest Muslim population in the country, here.In case you didn't know, I have the greatest Muslims-Community in the country.The First Day (2016)Tate was not willing to listen to us because he cannot allow prisoners, or us in particular, the Muslim body, to dictate to him how he run his institution.Tate was unwilling to listen to us because he was the prisoners, or us in particular Muslims, did not allow him to dictate his work.Prison Riot, U.S.A. (2016)The incident has provoked communal riots in many parts of the country.This sparked riots between Hindus and Muslims out.Raees (2017)You know, I have worked with many Muslims, many African Americans,I often go with Muslims and blacks worked.Litchfield's Got Talent (2017)You see, our parents raised us to be a good Muslim.Our parents raised us to be good MuslimsReligion (2017)