How can I buy a football club

Would you like to buy a club and take it to the Bundesliga?

Hello dear community,

I am currently dealing with the subject of a second postal address. I am of course registered as a private person and have a main residence with a postal address. But I'm also a member of one small association, which is not registered as such, but only through the top management as an individual. So even though we call ourselves an association, we're actually not one.

Now bills that concern this "association" will be added sent to different addresses, as different members take care of different tasks and then have the invoice sent to you privately. So bills often stay for months and then lead to unnecessary reminders.

I would like one now Mailbox bring into being, which is only intended for this "association", so that the members an address who they can show off without any problems and who also not changed after a change of management board.

So my question is:

Is it possible to rent or buy a postal address independently of one person and then set up a mailbox there? Who do I have to contact, if so?

There are websites on the Internet that offer such a service, but they don't seem serious to me. A mailbox would also be out of the question, as it would not be emptied regularly.

I hope someone can help me,

best regards