Why do I hate to work so much?

I hate work wasting time

Hello, before anyone thinks I'm lazy ... No, I'm not lazy, I did an apprenticeship and finished it 6 months early due to good performance. Then I did a two-year school education.

Even if many might say now: everyone has to work, etc.


Work determines all of life. Nobody likes to work, except for those who have turned their hobby into a profession or who want to distinguish themselves, or are bosses themselves ... Only there is hardly anyone to ...

Even as a small child you are prepared to devote your entire life to an employer at some point, the boss determines when you have to be where and what you have to do. Overtime has to be done all the time. Too little staff everywhere. Then in the retail trade, opening hours that are absolutely unnecessary. If it were up to me then the shop would only be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and only Mon-Fri and the maximum working time of 6 hours a day. Everything else is simply unnecessary and time-consuming. You only have this one life ... Unfortunately you need money. We waste the good life for work to have a home that we only use at night to sleep and now and then the little free time. Most of the time we have a car just to get to work and we have to spend hundreds on it.

It annoys me the way the world goes. Just greed for money and more vultures Chefs leave the Ne bakery open until 8 in the evening for exactly 2 customers ... And the poor saleswoman is standing around although she could be at home with her children or with her husband. And all just to get money that we only spend on a car to get to work.

I'm sorry but that had to come out ... I hate that my employer can determine everything ... When I come and when I go .. And he can change this at any time. He's planning my vacation and I can't do anything about it.

I have a full time job and I always go to work, but I hate it and always will hate it no matter where I work and what I work. It is not the work itself that bothers me, but the valuable life time that is wasted and that you never get back and could use in a much better way.

how do you see it? How can I change my thinking so as not to be so annoyed about it anymore?