Is God a myth or a reality

Non-fiction: Much: Between myth and reality - Judaism as it really is

Because the God of the Hebrew Bible is not - as Luther incorrectly translated - the "God of vengeance", but - in the correct translation of Martin Buber - the "God of retribution", who, also according to the Christian view, both punishes and - and above all - the good rewarded ("For his anger strikes us only for a moment, but his goodness surrounds us for life"; Ps 30,6).

Social law

Even the Talion's law "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" (Ex 21, 23), which is misunderstood and often cited, has nothing to do with the desire for revenge. This is a social law, a legal principle of proportionality, in the sense of "measure for measure". Because, due to an incorrect translation of the Bible by Luther, the Hebrew word "tachat" (= instead of) has become the word "about" or "for", which turns the meaning of this Bible word completely upside down (Pinchas Lapide).

Even in biblical times (see: Ex 21: 18-19) it was only a matter of a balanced compensation that a perpetrator had to reimburse his victim for pain inflicted, loss of earnings and cure. The same is affirmed in the Talmud ("about compensation"). In the Mishnah we read: "Whoever injures his neighbor can be obliged to do five things: for depreciation, for pain, for cure, for loss of time and shame (...) Has he blinded his eye, cut off a hand or one Broken foot, you look at the injured party as if he were a slave (...), and you estimate how much he was worth and how much he is now (...) So you estimate how much a Man would ask if he had to endure the same. "

Perverted interpretation

Theodor Much: "It is an anti-Jewish paradox of history that Judaism, whose laws demand mercy, neighborly love, compassion and justice, was and is subject to a strict law of retribution. This perverted interpretation of Jewish law is also often used in politics of the State of Israel in relation to its enemies. "

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